Heritage Audio OST-4 V2 500-Series Rack

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Heritage Audio OST-4 V2
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Heritage Audio OST-4 V2 500-Series Rack

The Heritage Audio OST-4 V2 500-Series Rack is an an updated edition of their most affordable and portable, four channel 500 Series enclosure.

New to the V2.0 model is the Link feature, which allows each channel to be linked to the next channel at the push of a button — no patch cables required! And of course, each channel still features the On Slot Technology used in all of Heritage Audio’s 500 Series enclosures.

With On Slot Technology (OST), each channel of the enclosure is independently regulated, filtered, and protected. This ensures the highest degree of isolation and consistency in performance. Many experienced engineers are aware of certain ‘power hungry’ class A or vacuum tube based modules which could cause banks of 500 Series modules to ‘brown out’ or not function, or that simply would not work in some standard enclosures. OST enclosures offer the widest range of compatibility with all 500 Series modules, ensuring both that ‘demanding’ modules receive the power they need, and that adjacent modules remain unaffected. Aside from safety and compatibility, OST enclosures ensure the highest level of performance and lowest self-noise for your 500 Series modules. With a heavy gauge steel and aluminum chassis, a rugged finish in Royal Air Force Blue-Gray, and an audiophile design, your 500 Series modules have simply never had it so good.

Like all Heritage Audio products, the OST-4 V2.0 enclosures take advantage of the latest in manufacturing technology to offer an unprecedented value without compromising audio quality — all built at the Heritage factory in Spain.

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