HEDD Type Bass 12 Subwoofer

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HEDD Type Bass 12
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HEDD Type Bass 12 Subwoofer

The HEDD Type Bass 12 Subwoofer is their flag-ship subwoofer, offering depth, fullness, and power in a moderate sized enclosure. This sub is perfect for bass heavy music, as well as film scoring and sound effects design.

The HEDD Type Bass 12 Subwoofer can be combined with our previous models as well as any other active speaker system. However, their full potential lies in the seamless integration with our new HEDD MK2 models.

HEDD Type Bass 12 Subwoofer Specifications

  • Woofer (honeycomb diaphram) 12" (2,5"voice coil)
  • Frequency response (-3dB) 20 - 80 Hz (var)
  • Variable upper frequency limit 40-120 Hz
  • LF range (-3dB): normal/extended 20Hz/16 Hz
  • LFE function (LowPass filter and +10 dB gain) LP 200 Hz / +10 dB
  • Input 1: analog stereo (2 ch) / Impedance 2 x XLR / 22 kΩ
  • Input 2: AES "in" 1 x XLR
  • Output: AES "through" 1 x XLR
  • Output to satellites stereo (2 ch) highpassed @ 80 Hz L/R 4th order
  • Satellite offset @ANALOG OUT ± 2m, in .5 m steps
  • Input gain ±12dB
  • Input sensitivity: 0 dB = 90dB SPL/1m -10/-4/0/+4 dB
  • HEDD Lineariser®, disengageable, delay: 30 ms
  • Phase switch 0/90/180/270°
  • Power Amplifier /Universal Mains 110-240 V 700 W ICEpower
  • AD/DA Conversion 96kHz/32bit
  • SPL max @ 1 m (half space) 115 dB SPL
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 595 x 380 x 610 mm
  • Weight: 37,1

HEDD Type Bass 12 Subwoofer Includes

  • (x1) Type Bass 12 Subwoofer
  • (x1) IEC Power Cable
  • (x1) Manual
  • Two Year Warranty

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