Gyraf Audio G14 Equalizer

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Gyraf Audio G14
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Gyraf Audio G14 Equalizer

The Gyraf Audio G14 Equalizer is a true tube passive stereo equalizer, based on paralleling multiple tuned inductor/capacitor pairs - followed by a linear tube make-up gain amplifier. Featuring five bands – each with 11 switchable frequencies, variable “Q”, and boost/cut selection, the G14 also has an output level trim, and a “hard” relay bypass control.

The Gyraf Audio G14 Equalizer is based on a parallel-passive equalizer circuit directly following the input transformers. This circuit in turn feeds two E88CC/6922 linear gain output stages, driving the output transformers. No feedback is used in the signal path, and the topology is pure class-A all the way through the unit. Transformers are used for both in- and output interfacing, giving a true floating input impedance of about 5-10Kohm (dependent on EQ boost setting), and an output impedance of ca. 650 Ohm. The audio path consists of ONLY transformers, tubes, and selected passive components. Although semiconductors are used in the Gyraf Audio G14, they're confined to the power supply circuit - and your audio passes through nothing but transformers, tubes and passives.

With a classic design the Gyraf Audio G14 will fit into every studio. The two handles make it easy to transport or move the product, and the material of the switches is a must feel experience.

The two channels are linked – controlled with one set of knobs. The “Q”s (filter sharpnes’es) are rather low when boosting, but higher at cut – approaching a notch on extreme cut settings. Use carefully - this is in no way a fire-and-forget gadget: Multiple types of interacting nonlinearities are at large, even a few in macroscopic time-domain because of components heating and temperature coefficients. Changing something in one band will sure as hell result in something else showing up somewhere else. Feels organic in that. As we all know, clipping generates harmonics - there's simply no way around that. But what you do with those harmonics will make a lot of difference. The beauty is here, that as the clipping is done at the remote end of a frequency selective channel, the clipping byproducts (harmonics, at frequencies multiple times the clipped) have a hard time getting back out and into the audio, because they are now no more in the right frequency range.. And other than the three bands of clipping, the overall clipper that can be set for linear (white), pink -3dB/oct or red -5dB/oct emphasis - enabling gradually lower "threshold" at higher frequencies. Then there's a fine-trim for output level and a 18dB/oct lowcut at the input - mainly because most of Gyraf Audio's test pilots were mastering engineers. The Gyraf Audio G14 Equalizer is as standard available as a 230V mains unit – other mains voltages will be made on request (at no extra cost).

Gyraf Audio G14 Equalizer Features

  • A true tube, all passive, stereo equalizer
  • Consists of five bands - each with 11 switchable frequencies, variable "Q", and boost/cut selection
  • Also has an output level trim, and a "hard" relay bypass control
  • A very extended version of the classic passive inductor/capacitor type filters
  • Inputs and outputs are transformer balanced

Gyraf Audio G14 Equalizer Specifications

  • Input Impedance: Around 5K Ohm, Transformer Balanced
  • Output Impedance: 1K Ohm, Transformer Balanced
  • Max Boost/Cut: ~10-12dB, Depending on "Q" Setting
  • Gain Trim: ~+6 to -20dB
  • Channel Tracking: Within ~1dB
  • Low Frequency Marking: 35-48-60-70-80-100-120-160-190-220-270Hz
  • Low Mid Frequency: 180-230-280-330-400-430-490-550-590-650-750Hz
  • Mid Frequency: 500-570-700-800-900-1K-1K1-1K3-1K5-1K8-2K1 Hz
  • High Mid Frequency: 950-1K2-1K4-1K7-2K-2K5-3K-3K5-4K2-5K-6K3 Hz
  • High Frequency: 4K5-5K6-6K5-7K8-9K1-12K-14K-16K-18K-20K-22KHz
  • Power Requirements: 230 V Mains

Gyraf Audio G14 Equalizer Includes

  • Gyraf Audio G14 Equalizer
  • Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty

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    Wonderful EQ with a "that record" sound tone

    Posted by Adam Straney on Feb 21st 2017

    This is an amazing mastering EQ, but it is not clean. If you want more tone to spiff up your digital recordings, or if stuff sounds too clean, give this one a go. It has a hifi style tone, as in it makes things sound like a record when just running stuff through it at 0. It has a sheen and big lowend. Not tight, not punchy at all. Just big and tubey. it is definitely that tube sound. It is not for everything, but when it works, it works like no other.