Ferrofish Pulse 16 +24dBu AD/DA Converter


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The Ferrofish Pulse 16 +24dBu AD/DA Converter is the same as Pulse 16 but with analog I/O modified for +24dBu level compatibility. This high-quality converter is designed to connect a wide range of external analog and digital equipment. It has never been easier to upgrade the sound of your studio with a single, highly affordable, device!

The Ferrofish Pulse 16 is the high-quality solution to connect a wide range of external analog and ADAT studio equipment to a mixer or a computer interface. The high-density converter provides 16 x 16 balanced analoge TRS-I/Os and can handle pro studio levels up to +20dBu – adjustable in 1 dB steps. Optional +24 dBU I/Os and/or CV outputs are available. The Pulse 16 incorporates a Word Clock I/O and a MIDI I/O for embedding signals and remote control of the unit. Many popular features from the flagship A32 have been added as well: Preset Management, Panel Lock and the sophisticated routing matrix.

+24dBu I/O
This optional version raises the maximum input and output level of the 16 analog inputs and outputs from +20dBu to +24dBu, which then complies with the SMPTE standard.

High Quality AD & DA
The PULSE16 uses the most recent low-latency AD & DA generation from Cirrus Logic. The high performance converters capture and restore audio signals with all details, a highly neutral frequency response and low distortion. All analog inputs and output are using balanced TRS jacks, and can be set independently to levels between -8dBu and +20dBu.

High Resolution Sound
The PULSE16 converts seamlessly all 16 analog I/O with sample rates of up to 96 kHz from/to the 16 ADAT I/Os (SMUX/2 mode). With the Ferrofish MADI SFP upgrade module, the PULSE16 can even convert and route all 16 analog I/Os at 192 kHz to MADI without limitation (incl. ADAT with SMUX/4).

High Precision Clock
The PULSE16 is driven by a high-accurate, internal low jitter clock. The sophisticated design combines an advanced jitter reduction circuit with a stable, temperature compensated oscillator. All digital data from the MADI, ADAT and BNC ports are automatically processed, resulting in the an ultra-low output jitter on all digital channels of 50 to 100 ps.

Ferrofish Pulse 16 AD/DA Converter Features

  • Cirrus Logic 24 Bit / 96 kHz converter
  • 16x16 analog I/O channels
  • 16x16 ADAT I/O channels in 2x2 TOSLINK ports
  • Full 16x16 analog channel count
  • Wordclock I/O (BNC)
  • MIDI I/O for remote control
  • 2 x TFT screens giving complete control
  • Proprietary circuit for active jitter reduction
  • Input sensitivity of all analog channels can
  • Output levels of all analog channels can
  • Headphone Output
  • Fan-less design - no noise
  • 1HE, 19" solid metal chassis

Ferrofish Pulse 16 AD/DA Converter Includes

  • Ferrofish Pulse 16 +24dBu AD/DA Converter
  • Power Supply
  • Manual
  • Warranty Information

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