Dutch Audio IC2.1 Insert Computer

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The Dutch Audio IC2.1 Insert Computer builds upon their well-known and proven analog circuitry utilized in the IC1.1. However, the IC2.1 takes things to the next level with 2 stereo inputs and outputs! This expands on the digitally controlled analog routing capabilities increasing creativity and flexibility in mixing and mastering applications.

The Dutch Audio IC2.1 Insert Computer offers a versatile array of features. It provides the option for bypassable active gain on the inputs, along with separate active gains for its two outputs. Furthermore, the output gains can serve as a bypass gain compensation for level-matched AB’ing. Insert 3 is designed for blend mode, equipped with our highly acclaimed independent dry/wet controls. Additionally, inserts 5 and 6 are equipped for mid/side processing, featuring dedicated mute buttons for both mid and side channels, and bypassable width control. The encoder control values and the programmable insert name are conveniently displayed on an easily readable display.

The IC2.1 can be used in standalone mode with the classy and intuitive front-panel or in combination with our VST3/AU plugin which also allows you to save and automate settings. All 9 inserts are passive with just relays, except for insert 3, which can be also be used in blend mode and insert 5/6 which can be used in mid/side mode. All active circuits rely on transparent circuitry but will be fully passive when not engaged. The push-buttons can be labelled to your liking by typing in names using the VST3/AU plugin and will be stored in the IC2.1 EEPROM. The name will be shown on the centre of the display for 2 seconds. The switch itself will also turn green when an insert is active. The insert order will be shown on the top row of the display. (for instance, 1-2-4-6-8-7)

Dutch Audio IC2.1 Insert Computer Features

  • Digitally controllable via VST3/AU plugin
  • 2 stereo passive inputs with polarity and LR swap
  • 2 stereo passive outputs with separate bypassable active gain with a +/- 10dB gain range in 0.1dB per step.
  • Bypassable active gain with a +/- 10dB gain range in 0.1dB per step
  • Insert 1/2: passive with the ability to swap order (1>2 or 2>1)
  • Insert 3: passive with active blend functionality (separate dry/wet controls)
  • Insert 4: passive insert
  • Insert 5/6: passive with active mid/side mode, separate mute buttons for mid and side and width control (+/-10dB 0.1dB steps)
  • Insert 7/8: passive with the ability to swap order (7>8 or 8>7)
  • Insert 9 (XLR): passive with pre/post (1>2..7>8>9> or 9>1>2..7>8>)
  • Insert bypass function with bypass gain compensation

Dutch Audio IC2.1 Insert Computer Specifications

  • Max gain passive: >+24dBu
  • Max gain active stages: +24dBu
  • Noise level passive: >119dB(a)
  • Noise level active: >118dB(a)
  • Stereo crosstalk: >110dB(a)
  • Stereo crosstalk mid/side: ~80dB(a)
  • THD passive: <0.00043%
  • THD active: 0.00050%
  • Input voltage 100 to 240VAC 50/60HZ.
  • Power consumption minimum 15 watt maximum 30 watt
  • Unit size: 2u 19 inch, depth 25cm
  • Weight: approx 4kg
  • RJ45 ethernet connection (DHCP or fixed IP)
  • VST3/AU 64bit plugins available for all platforms.

Dutch Audio IC2.1 Insert Computer Includes

  • Dutch Audio IC2.1 Insert Computer
  • Power cable
  • Manual (available Online)
  • Manufacturer's Warranty

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