Ddrum Red Shot Trigger Bundle (Complete)

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Ddrum Red Shot Trigger Bundle
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Ddrum Red Shot Trigger Bundle (Complete)

Ddrum Red Shot Trigger Bundle offers the most cost effective way to outfit a complete 5 piece drum kit with the best triggering solution available.

Ddrum Red Shot Trigger Bundle (Complete)

This Ddrum Red Shot Trigger Complete Bundle offers the most cost effective way to outfit a complete 5 piece drum kit with the best triggering solution available.

The Ddrum Red Shot Trigger and Ddrum DDTI Trigger Interface bundle is simply the most cost effective, flexible, and efficient way to get into drum replacement, whether in the studio or on the stage. Whether you are outright replacing the triggered drums, or blending the triggered sample with your micâ??ed drum, this system puts unending power and possibilities at your finger tips. Simply mount the trigger to the desired drum, connect the trigger to the Ddrum DDTI, and then connect the DDTI to any computer via usb (to trigger any virtual drum library), or any hard ware module via 5-pin midi cable. The Ddrum DDTI allows for many customer setting, from note value, dynamics, and velocity curve, along with 10 inputs for even more custom set ups and large drum kits, and 20 factory/user presets. So if you are doing metal, and need that consistent attack on your double bass, or if you are doing pop and have always wanted a black beauty snare, but couldn't afford one, this is the perfect solution. Don't have an expansive drum sample library, add any Steven Slate Drums library, and get the best library on the market at extra savings!

Included in the Complete Package

  • 5 piece Ddrum Red Shot Trigger Kit
  • Ddrum DDTI Trigger Interface

Ddrum Red Shot Trigger Bundle (Complete) Features

Ddrum Red Shot Trigger

  • 1/4" Connector
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Mounted w/ Tension Rod
  • Precision Response
  • Works With Popular Drum Modules
  • Low Cost Alternative

Ddrum DDTI Trigger Interface

The Ddrum DDTI Trigger Interface can be used for a variety of situations. It has 10 Trigger/Pad inputs including Hi hat control. Can be used as a Module Expander via MIDI or you can use to trigger sounds from your laptop via USB and use a sound program.

What We Think

I personally own and use the Ddrum Red Shot Triggers, Alesis Trigger I/O, and Steven Slate Drums. This has not only allowed me a lot of flexibility in the studio, but expanded my creativity. Not only do I have the options of out right replacement or sample and mic blending, the Trigger I/O allows me to plug up to my external modules for additional sounds and layering. The set up is easy and flexible, and I can save presets to quickly recall them, given the style of music I am working on, and to the meet the demands of the session. It also makes practicing my drums a lot more fun. I can simply record the midi information in my daw, and compare it easily to the click track to analyze and improve my timing, or just pull up some interesting samples for a change of perspective. I might not use this set up in the modern traditional sense (all the time), and I am glad I have that option (no matter what the application).

- Ryan Ferris

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