Ddrum Red Shot Snare/Tom Trigger


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The Ddrum Red Shot Snare/Tom Trigger is specifically designed for use with snare drums and toms, with easy set up and connectivity. The Ddrum Red Shot Triggers are the most cost effective alternative in the Ddrum drum trigger line.

They come in two different models: Snare/Tom Trigger and Kick Drum Trigger. They are mounted onto the hoop with one of the standard tension rods, and feature the same type of sensor as the drum Acoustic Pro Trigger but has a stripped-down mechanical construction. The drum Red Shot Trigger features a 1/4" jack for connection that is compatible with most sound modules.

The Red Shot Triggers are available individually, and in a 5 Piece Kit, consisting of 1 Red Shot Kick and 4 Red Shot Snare/Tom Triggers.

Ddrum Red Shot Snare/Tom Trigger Specifications

  • 1/4" Connector
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Mounted w/ Tension Rod
  • Precision Response
  • Works With Popular Drum Modules
  • Low Cost Alternative

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What We Think


I have personally owned and used the Ddrum Red Shot Triggers for 5 years now. Whether I am using it with a sound module, or simply to record midi data and trigger virtual libraries, these triggers have helped immensely in a wide variety of studio sessions. A clear must for metal, and other extreme tempo styles of music, the Red Shot Triggers, have also lent themselves as an invaluable tool for simply snare replacement on softer music, where we simply wanted a better sounding snare, but did not have the money to go buy or rent one. The dynamic response is great, and depending on how you set up your module or converter, you can easily pull off ghost notes and other articulation. If you need a cost effective way to get into triggering (in the studio or live), the Red Shots are the best way to achieve that.

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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