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The Daking Mic Pre One is a single channel microphone preamp that offers the same great performance and sound as the larger rack mount Daking preamps. Initially conceived for the home studio user, it has become a favorite among professionals that simply need an additional great sounding preamp while doing remote recordings.

The Daking Mic Pre One offers a full range sound that is natural and detailed, yet very musical. I many tests we have done, we have found that the Mic Pre One is calibrated as such that it tends to have a output that is around 6dB lower than similar preamps, making the Daking perfect for louder sound sources - such as guitar cabs, drums, and louder vocalists.

The Daking Mic Pre One, sharing the gain structure and Class A, fully discrete transistor circuitry design of the popular Daking Mic Pre IV, additionally features a unique variable high-pass filter and ships in a freestanding 'DI-style' steel enclosure, ensuring both strength and noise immunity.

Essentially a single channel of the Mic Pre IV, the Mic Pre One features switchable phase, 20dB mic input pad and +48V phantom power, plus a selectable 1/4-inch line/hi-z instrument input, all utilizing relays with gold bi-furcated contacts. Two large knurled aluminum knobs control the variable high-pass filter (0-200Hz) and continuously variable input gain, which is complemented by a full-width, twenty-segment bi-color LED meter. The rear of the unit offers a Jensen transformer-isolated mic input and fully-balanced XLR output, plus a 1/4-inch line output. A fourth connector introduces DC power from the external power supply to the unit.

Daking Mic Pre One Microphone Preamp Features

  • Class "A" Circuitry
  • Jensen Transformer
  • Discrete Transistor Design
  • Single-Sided Amplification
  • Lead Free
  • Rohs Compliant
  • 70db of gain
  • 20 segment tri color meter with VU and peak indications
  • Switchable Polarity
  • 20db pad with constant reflected impedance
  • Switchable Phantom Power
  • Direct 1/4" instrument input on the front panel.
  • Balanced XLR Output
  • Balanced 1/4" TRS output which can be used with unbalanced devices with no deterioration of signal.

Daking Mic Pre One Microphone Preamp Includes

  • Daking Mic Pre One Microphone Preamp
  • Power Cable
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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  • 4
    Bass DI beauty.
    Dave Velardo

    I LOVE this thing as a direct bass line. It just does the right things quickly and easily. The variable HPF is the real star on this thing. It's not my favorite choice for vocals but it's not like it can't do it - it just seems a shade sizzly for some voices. Tameable in mixing but it's something there. Guitars and bass are delicious!

  • 5
    Daking Mic Pre One

    Fantastic unit! Using for Voice Over. I really like the variable HPF. Shipping was fast and customer service great. Front End Audio is awesome.

  • 5
    Daking Mic Pre One

    Fantastic unit! Using for Voice Over. I really like the variable HPF. Shipping was fast and customer service great. Front End Audio is awesome.

  • 3
    Hot output. Average sound for vox

    I connected my u87ai to the daking and ran it into my id22 interface for some rap vocals. I immediately noticed that the lowest setting on the gain was too hot for even spoken word vocals. Using the 20db pad got the job done but still i find this odd. After working out the gain staging i found the preamp to be equal to or less than the golden age premiere that i sold to fund this purchase. For vocals. This aint it.

  • 5

    There is something about the sound of this preamp that makes you want to use it for everything. It brings the vocals right up front like the person is standing in the room with you. Its super clean with lots of gain. Is super compact...about the size of a brick. It doesn't seem get hot. It has an excellent digital peak meter.

  • 5
    Just Buy It

    I have recorded vocals, guitars, Alto Sax, Trumpets, and more Vocals with this preamp. This is a great Pre. Silky, Warm, and just a quality upgrade for any recording interface. Add a compressor to the chain and you are good to go. If you are looking for a clean, warm, and thick signal. The daking Mic Pre One is for you.

  • 5
    A Pleasure to Use!

    This unit has solid and luxurious build quality from the heft steel case to the illuminated LEDs and smooth action knobs. The sound is clear, detailed, yet subtly euphonic. The variable low rolloff saves a step in the mix phase. This is a favorite for guitars and detailed vocals.

  • 5
    Ultra nice gear !
    Guillaume M.

    First of all, I must say that this Mic-Pre is well built. Very heavy, compact and solid. It looks also nice in his green dress, with big alu knobs ! But I didn't buy it for those reasons. I buy it because many people were impressed by the sound of this little piece of gear ! Futhermore, I buy it because I only need 1 simple high-end pre channel, in order to make my beautiful Gefell UM70 shines. And what a result ! This is a perfect combination. No need to buy Tubes based pre's to get a warm, full and detailed sound ! It's exactly the sound I was searching for. Thanks to Daking (for their science), and thanks to Front End Audio (for the quick delivery and good service).