Blue Microphones Bottle Mic Locker

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Blue Microphones Bottle Mic Locker
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Blue Microphones Bottle Mic Locker

The Blue Microphones Bottle Mic Locker is the ultimate collection of Blue's acclaimed Bottle Microphone, plus four interchangeable capsules that represent the world's most iconic mic sounds. The included four Bottle Capsules, each delivering its own kind of sonic inspiration, complement each other to create layered, well-balanced recordings.

The Blue Microphones Bottle Mic Locker is like having an entire mic locker in a single package, and is a powerful and flexible creative tool for any recording session. This unique system features Blue's acclaimed Bottle Microphone, plus four interchangeable capsules that represent the world's most iconic mic sounds. Each of the four Bottle Caps capsules can be quickly swapped during a session, giving you fast access to a huge palette of recording possibilities for any vocal or instrument type - all without interrupting the creative process.

A mic locker full of options
The Microphone choice is one of the critical elements in producing a great track. The world's most famous and successful studios use their mic lockers to access the ideal microphone for a given vocal or instrument performance. Now you can have the same flexibility in your studio. The Blue Microphones Bottle Rocket Mic Locker capsules not only sound brilliant when used individually, they also complement each other to create layered, well-balanced recordings.

Looking for the right mic for your vocalist?
The Blue Microphones Bottle Rocket Mic Locker makes the process of auditioning mics faster and easier. Now you can move quickly between classic and modern sounds to find the right match for your talent.

Layering multiple vocal tracks?
Here's a trick from some of the world's best recording engineers: instead of using a single mic for all of your lead and backing vocals - which can result in a muddy-sounding mix - use a different mic capsule for each vocal track. They will blend into a rich, balanced and colorful palette.

Your next mic could be four mics
If you're thinking about investing in a new mic, consider the creative power and flexibility that the Blue Microphones Bottle Rocket Mic Locker brings to your studio. Shoot out all four capsules to find the right sound, layer tracks with different capsules for richer, larger-than-life mixes, and explore new tones for your instruments - all with one portable package. The system comes housed in a road-ready SKB® hard-shell case, complete with microphone, four capsules and shockmount. Now, you can show up to any recording session with your own mic locker in hand.

Rocket Science
The Blue Microphones Bottle Microphone is the foundation of the Bottle Rocket Mic Locker. It's hand-built in the USA for a lifetime of use, and features a proprietary Class A, FET circuit that helps to deliver exceptionally low self-noise (<7.5dB) and high output (+12dBV). And with exceptional sonic clarity, it accurately delivers the nuances of the different Bottle Caps for any studio recording application. The Blue Microphones Bottle combines low noise and superb transient response integrated with a system of interchangeable capsules, the Blue Microphones Bottle Caps. In an instant, the bayonet-mounted Bottle Caps can be exchanged to provide different tonal characteristics and pickup patterns while the included power supply remains on. The Blue Microphones Bottle is the definition of craftsmanship, with hand-assembled custom components found throughout. With eight different Bottle Caps to choose from, the Blue Microphones Bottle provides the ultimate recording experience for any application.

BO Capsule
The BO features a cardioid large diaphragm for the ultimate big vocal sound. Superior bright, silky, and intimate presence. Suggested Applications: Background and lead vocals, guitar, mandolin, percussion; any source where extended top end is featured.

B6 Capsule
The Blue B6 Bottle Cap is the standard cardioid capsule included with the Blue Bottle studio microphone. The B6 is part of the Bottle Cap series of interchangeable capsule designed for the Bottle, and features a frequency response suitable for vocal and general instrument capturing. Blue describes it's sound characteristics as "larger than life", and the cardioid polar pattern is sure to effectively reduce off-axis ambient noise and feedback. The B6 is easy to install and rugged enough for life in the studio.

B7 Capsule
The Blue B7 features a cardioid large diaphragm single backplate: The classic vocal sound. Classic vintage detailed mids with airy presence. Suggested Applications: Lead vocals, background vocals, saxophone, flugelhorn, clean or distorted electric guitar, pedal steel and slide guitar, organ, conventional jazz recording.

B8 Capsule
The best choice if only using one capsule - crystal clear sound quality and excellent detail for a wide range of recording applications Suggested applications: Male & female lead vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, drums, drum overheads, percussion, piano, horns and strings.

Blue Microphones Bottle Mic Locker Features

  • The ultimate in hand-built craftsmanship
  • Class A discrete amplifier circuit with hand-selected EF86 pentode vacuum tube in triode mode
  • Mic system-allows for various capsules to be swapped "on the fly" for extreme versatility
  • Integrated capsule shockmounting
  • Hand tuned and tested
  • Custom wound output transformer

Blue Microphones Bottle Mic Locker Specifications

  • Transducer Type: Vacuum Tube Condenser
  • Polar Patterns: Cardioid (With Included Bottle Caps)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 20.0 mV/Pa a 1kHz (1 PA = 94dB SPL) w/B6 Capsule
  • Rated Impedance: 50O
  • Rated Load Impedance: Not less than 1kO
  • Maximum SPL: 134 dB SPL (2.5kO, 0.5% THD) w/B6 Capsule
  • S/N Ratio: 86.5 dB-A (IEC 651) w/B6 Capsule
  • Noise Level: 7.5 dB-A (IEC 651) w/B6 Capsule
  • Dynamic Range: 126.5 dB (@2.5kO) w/B6 Capsule
  • Supply Voltage (Iec 268-15): +48v Phantom Power (+35v Min.)
  • Current Draw (Typical Ai+48v): 1.8mA
  • Dimensions: 390mm x 90mm
  • Weight: 1700g

Blue Microphones Bottle Mic Locker Includes

  • Blue Microphones Bottle Mic Locker
  • Bottle Microphone
  • 4 Interchangeable Bottle Capsules
  • Power Supply
  • 7-pin and 3-pin Cables
  • Custom SKB Hard Shell Carry Case
  • User Manual
  • 3 Year Warranty

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