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The Blue Microphones Blueberry Microphone is a pressure-gradient cardioid condenser mic that allows your voice and instruments to sit in front of the mix. With a handcrafted capsule and custom components, the Blueberry provides shimmering high-end and smooth midrange with a commanding intimate presence that's ideal for anything from vocals and acoustic guitar to strings and brass.

The Blue Microphones Blueberry Microphone is a Class-A discrete mic amp perfectly chosen to match the single pattern, cardioid, hand-built, large diaphragm capsule. The Blue Microphones Blueberry helps your vocals sit prominently at the front of your mix, without getting lost in the maxed-out gain structure of modern recordings. The Blue Microphones Blueberry Mic combines the commanding intimate presence found in prized vintage vocal mics with the shimmering highs and smooth midrange you need to compete with modern mixes. No need to compromise your vocal track with lots of EQ plug-ins.

Signature Sound for Every Instrument

The Blue Microphones Blueberry's commanding sonic signature and high SPL handling make it ideal for all sorts of instruments. Capture guitar amps, drums, and brass with precision and clarity. Achieve warm, transparent tone for acoustic guitars and strings. The Blue Microphones Blueberry's natural intimate presence even lets your most delicate sounds cut through the mix. All with minimized proximity effect.

Grown in the USA

The Blue Microphones Blueberry is designed and assembled with hand-tuned precision right here in the USA. Everything from the single-membrane large diaphragm capsule to the custom-built brass back plate adds to Blue Microphones Blueberry's superior audio and superb transient response.

Vintage Meets Modern

The Blue Microphones Blueberry blends the intimacy of vintage tube vocal mics with the response of the best solid-state technology. These characteristics combined with a proprietary transformer output provide the Blue Microphones Blueberry with a signature sound all its own. It's the ultimate blend of vintage and modern.

Blue Heritage

Every mic Blue makes delivers a unique personality, detailed sonic signature and specialized feature set to inspire your creativity. The Blue Microphones Blueberry is also custom-designed, hand-tuned, and tested to the highest quality standards, so you'll always get the best performance. And at an affordable price, superior sound is within easy reach.

Blue Microphones Blueberry Microphone Features

  • Proprietary Blue single-membrane large diaphragm capsule
  • Commanding, intimate presence for vocals and instruments
  • Fast transient response and high-SPL handling
  • Blue heritage of premium audio and innovative design

Blue Microphones Blueberry Microphone Specifications

  • Transducer Type: Condenser, Pressure Gradient
  • Polar Patterns: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 20.0 mV/Pa at 1kHz (1Pa = 94dB SPL)
  • Output Impedance: 150O
  • Rate Load Impedance: Not less than 1 kO
  • Maximum SPL: 140dB SPL (2.5kO, 0.5% THD)
  • S/N Ratio: 86dB-A (IEC 651)
  • Noise Level: 9.0 dB-A (IEC 651)
  • Dynamic Range: 131dB (@2.5kO)
  • Power Requirement: +48V DC Phantom Power(IEC 268-15)
  • Weight: 520g
  • Dimensions: 235mm x 50mm x 30mm

Blue Microphones Blueberry Microphone Includes

  • Blue Microphones Blueberry Mic
  • Elegant Wooden Box
  • S2 Shock
  • User Manual
  • 3 Year Warranty

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  • 4
    Blue Miccrophones Blueberry
    Steve Cruz

    The Blueberry is a mic that was a mystery to me until I gave it a fair chance. When I first threw it up in front of a vocalist it appeared thin sounding and lacking "fulness". But after reading a review like this I tried it about 3-4 inches from the singer's lips and WOW!. I realized my new mic was THE sound I had been searching for for that famous vocal sound. Since then I've found it useful on flute, acoustic guitars, as a beautiful sounding room mic for drums and on some percussion instruments as well. Plenty of presence without being overly sibilant, and TONS of air, but when used up-close and personal, with more than enough weight and character to run side-by-side with the German Heavyweights. Give the Blueberry a chance and you may discover you've found a new partner in the quest for great tracks.

  • 5
    Michelangelo Trujillo

    I've recently been going through mic's trying to figure out which is best suited for my voice. So far my journey has included a Kiwi, AT4040, Rode K2, Baby Bottle, Bluebird, Mojave MA201, and TLM49. The short of it is that all of these mic's sound fantastic, some more then others, but I finally settled on the Blueberry. Sounds fantastic and you can really get close up in it. Highly recommended!

  • 4
    Excels at Vocals
    Mr Me

    I wanted something to provide contrast to my SM7b on my baritone and slightly rough voice. It has very musical and pleasant presence that is not harsh and gives me a lift in a mix. You have to get up close to it and you can't move much. I get just enough proximity to compliment my voice without boominess or need to eq to get the right sound in my headphones. It sounds great with my UA 6176 and to give you an idea of what I mean by this mic not being harsh - it sounds great through my very revealing and un-forgiving DACS Clarity for when I want things tracked cleanly. Personally, I find it to not be at home for general mic purposes unless it's quite close to the source so it gets a 4, but it has not left the studio since the first day I tried used it. I've only used it on myself, but I would wager that it sounds very good on singers with many tone colors. Also singers with a lot of dynamics since it seems to respond linearly at higher volumes. Summary: Me Likey.

What We Think


The Blue Mics Blueberry is a unique mic that stands on its own. Blue set out to make a mic that is tailored to recording vocals, and they did a solid job in my opinion. I have always found Blue Mics to be character pieces, and the Blueberry is no different. It has a clear, yet soft top, edgy upper mids, full think low mids, and a nice rounded off bottom. A well detailed a present character that thickens a vocal just right to give it a presence that sits it atop a mix. Matched with the right solid state pre, this mic is sure to give you great sounding vocal tracks, and it actually sound really good on lead guitar too!

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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