UA Bock Series Microphones

UA Bock Series Microphones

By Front End Audio on Nov 1st 2022

UA Bock Series Microphones

Universal Audio proudly presents the latest additions to their microphone lineup with the UA Bock Series Microphones. This includes the Universal Audio Bock 251 Tube MicrophoneUniversal Audio Bock 167 Tube Microphone and Universal Audio Bock 187 Microphone. Now studio professionals can record with three premium tube and FET‑based microphones designed by vintage mic authority David Bock – each handmade in Santa Cruz, California.

For more information and specs, please visit the product pages linked above and give us a call at 1-888-228-4530. We're here to help!

The UA Bock 251 is their flagship large-diaphragm tube condenser mic which has ben designed to produce the smooth, open tone of the classic ELAM 251. As chief technical engineer of the world's top recording studios, David Bock studied and maintained classic microphones such as the ELAM 251 for twenty years. Handbuilt at UA's Custom Shop in Santa Cruz, CA the UA Bock 251 mic puts "golden unit" sound within reach again, and at a more affordable price than it's vintage counterpart. Plus, with its German-made CK12 capsule and large output transformer, the UA Bock 251 provides lower frequency response down to 10 Hz and higher SPL than vintage 251's. With its vintage-inspired case, robust shock mount and accessories, this mic is built to last a lifetime. 

The UA Bock 167 large-diaphragm tube condenser mic was designed to give your vocals and instruments the smooth tone of the legendary U67 with modern features such three EQ filtering options, a 'fat' switch which boosts 10-400 Hz and a continuously variable polar pattern. This means recordings with greater dynamic range, tonal extension and flexibility. The UA Bock 167 is handwired using premium components such as a dual-symmetrical K67 capsule, Lundahl transformer and NOS tube! The UA Bock 167 includes a premium case, professional shock mount and a hand-tuned power supply. 

The UA Bock 187 is a large-diaphragm FET condenser mic which is designed to produce the classic tone of the legendary U87 with modern enhancements such as a large Cinemag output transformer, refined circuitry and the same 'fat' mode found on the UA Bock 167 mentioned above. These improvements aim to give the UA Bock 187 an edge over the vintage units with more dynamic range, presence and fullness on vocals, guitars and more. 

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