The ADK T-FET Microphone Collection

The ADK T-FET Microphone Collection

By Front End Audio on Jan 27th 2023

The ADK T-FET Microphone Collection

The ADK T‑FET Microphone Collection is a range of large‑diaphragm, transformer-coupled condenser microphones which use the same ADK Design Capsule as an ADK Custom Z-Mod. T-FET’s all share the same underlying technology centered around unique FET impedance‑converter circuitry. This circuitry is designed to gradually saturate, unlike other condenser microphones which may have a tendency to clip abruptly. The key to the tone of the ADK T-FET microphones is in the capsules which are based on classic vintage microphones. ADK spent five years creating capsules with historical tone-colors. The capsules already have the tone built-in, and therefore don't need (phase-wrecking) EQ Circuitry. Add to this a sonic-sweetening British transformer, three polar patterns, three-way HPF and a three way PAD system. ADK T-FET’s offer high SPL and high bandwidth performance for studio and live recording.

All ADK T-FET microphones include an American jewel box and ring mount.

Optional Rycote USM and Hakan Pop Filter recommended. 

ADK T-FET Microphones – Out of The Box at Front End Audio

Check out the ADK line of T-FET Microphones in our "Out Of The Box" series here at Front End Audio where we take a quick look at the mics, the features and what you can expect when you open the box! The T-FET line of microphones are comprised of 6 microphones, each with their own characteristic and flavor. Hands down, these are some of the best microphones on the market and at a price point that cannot be beat. Hand crafted in the USA, you deserve to have at least one T-FET in your mic locker! 

ADK Frankfurt 49 T-FET Microphone

The ADK Frankfurt 49-T-FET Microphone has a fat warm tone that is very similar to a velvety ribbon mic. It is big and deep, with a darker top end, warm mids that have a slight extra presence in the low mids, and a full extended bottom end. The ADK Frankfurt 49-T-FET is perfectly suited for low frequency instruments like kick drums, floor toms, and bass guitars. Yet, it's richness also makes it well suite for electric guitar cab, as well as some vocalists. If you want the forward detailed sound of a condenser, buy with the darker warm tone of a ribbon, the Frankfurt 49-T-FET is the perfect mic for you.

ADK Berlin 47 T-FET Microphone

The ADK Berlin 47-T-FET Microphone features a slightly rolled off top and bottom end, with a forward mid presence that is accentuated by it's slightly elevated and electric upper mid range. There is an edgy liveliness to the upper mid range that real brings out the bite in snare drums, cymbals, brass and woodwind instruments, acoustic guitars, and it works very well with Tenor and Alto vocalists. I would say this is one of the more charactered microphones out of the T-FET series, and it's unique sound makes it a gem.

ADK Munich M-7 T-FET Microphone

The ADK Munich M-7 T-FET Microphone quickly became a favorite mic of mine. I took one home to cut vocals for my new punk rock project, and after only tracking vocals for one song - I knew I was keeping the mic. It has such a smooth and rich character, yet does not lack in detail or articulation. When your music is driven by High Gain Guitar tracks that are pushed along by grumbling bass and tight transient drums, you need a vocal with power that sits up front in the mix. Not only did the Munich M-7 give me the power the vocal track needed (there was tons of chest and throat in the track, when I was never closer than around 8 inches away from the mic), but the vocals still had detail and intelligibility. If you want the detail and sensitivity of a condenser, but with a full bodied rich mid range focus, and the smooth punch and musicality of really almost like a dynamic - the Munich M-7 is a clear winner. This mic is perfectly and beautifully suited for all vocal applications. And, it is now my main vocal mic in my studio.


ADK Cremona 251 T-FET Microphone

The ADK Cremona 251 T-FET is a fantastic microphone! It's perhaps the only solid state microphone in it's price range which sports a "251 style capsule" of it's quality of sound and construction. The Cremona is my "go to" for many applications, including Drum Room and Overhead, Acoustic Guitars and Stringed Instruments, Electric Guitars, and Backing Vocals. The reason being is that it is a natural and balanced sound, with a shimmering airy top end - that lets your sound source shine with a natural yet musical detail. A stellar mic for sure.


ADK Vienna 12 T-FET Microphone

The ADK Vienna 12-T-FET Microphone is my favorite microphone for drum overheads and room. The low end is rolled off at the right point and amount, the mids are well balanced with a nice elevation to the upper mids and top end. This all provides a shimmering brilliant clarity that brings detail and cut in a musical fashion. The ADK Vienna 12-T-FET is an amazing microphone for acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments, pianos, drum overheads and room, as well as female vocals.


ADK Hamburg 67 T-FET Microphone

From Blues, to Hip Hop, to Metal, the ADK Hamburg 67 T-FET is the go to vocal mic. Male or Female, this mic is where it is at. Overall a smooth rich character, with a detailed and airy top, balanced warm mids, and a low end with depth. After using the Hamburg, I quickly realized that my go-to vocal mic (for many years) was no longer going to cut it, and the Hamburg was where I needed to be. Consistently this is reaffirmed with the feedback I get from other musicians and engineers. The Hamburg quickly becomes a loved center piece of vocal chains.

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