Stager Mics & They Look So Nice

Stager Mics & They Look So Nice

By Front End Audio on Sep 17th 2019

Stager Mics & They Look So Nice

Front End Audio just got in a shipment of these retro beauties - the Stager Microphones SR-2N.

Stager Microphones is a brand new line to us at FEA. We will have some demo testing in the near future, so you will probably see and hear about that later. But at first introduction, it's practically love at first sight.

These Stager mics have us reminiscing on days gone by stylistically, but if the audio clips we've sampled are true to what these mics can do in the studio, then they are cutting edge in functionality.

And what else would you expect really? Stager Microphones is coming from Music City itself. That's right, these babies are hand build in none other than Nashville, Tennessee - a place where music and whiskey are known to be smoooooooth!

You can check out the specs and some audio clips of the Stager Microphones SR-2N as well as the Stager Microphones SR-1A on the Front End Audio website.

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