SANDHILL AUDIO’s 6011A defies the laws of convention and creates a ribbon microphone unlike any other

SANDHILL AUDIO’s 6011A defies the laws of convention and creates a ribbon microphone unlike any other

By Front End Audio on Mar 13th 2017

SANDHILL AUDIO’s 6011A defies the laws of convention and creates a ribbon microphone unlike any other

SANDHILL AUDIO's Story started in 2008 when three Finnish music-loving engineers got together to be innovative and crazy. These three professionals of their craft, with special expertise covering all the initial parts of microphone manufacturing, set themselves a goal no-one had managed to achieve. Their goal was to create a beautifully musical sounding ribbon microphone, having no limitations for its use. They wanted the microphone to be original and free of common problems associated with all ribbon microphones. The team had only goals set by themselves so the product could be finished without compromises. The 3-year designing period was full of inspiring moments of eureka, leading to the creation of increasingly better versions. During this period, the three individuals evolved from being friends into an interactive team, which together with the "field-testing feedback", was able to create the Sandhill 6011A Ribbon Microphone.

The resulting microphone, the SANDHILL AUDIO 6011 Ribbon Microphone is an Active Ribbon Microphone which features an extremely rigid, anti-resonance frame for the mechanical portion of the ribbon motor. The ribbon element is an electrically conductive composite material - as opposed to the traditional folded Aluminum- making it significantly stronger. This extra strength allows Sandhill to use only minimal screening around the ribbon without the fear of broken transducers. The microphone can handle unbelievably high sound pressure levels without any sign of distortion or physical damage. Sandhill 6011A's custom corrugated ribbon profile is designed to minimize the effect of standing wave modes on a ribbon element.

The active circuitry of the Sandhill 6011A is designed to prevent the preamplifier from damping the ribbon. The circuit works as a very high constant load to the ribbon while simultaneously providing a low output impedance that any preamp can handle. With active electronics, the ever critical transient response and low end frequency response are optimized. Using passive ribbon microphones with preamps that have a low input impedance is a gamble. Sandhill 6011A will work optimal with any preamp capable of delivering nominal gain and 48 Volt phantom power.
The active circuit is featured with a switchable 6dB pre-attenuation to prevent electrical clipping with extremely loud sound sources ( >160dB peak) . The preattenuator can be activated from a slide switch located in the electronics cavity of the microphone.

The Sandhill 6011A ribbon microphone is a versatile and very musical sounding tool for professional use. In addition, it is easy and safe to use. For it's durability it's also the perfect choice for live and project studio situations.

The Sandhill 6011A reacts in an exceptionally musical way to the sound pressure level variations. This feature is really useful in situations like recording loud singers, when typically the tone has a tendency to narrow as the sound level increases. The 6011A is an unbelievably level linear microphone.

The Sandhill 6011A has a flat bass response without the low end emphasizes typical to most ribbon microphones. This is good for recording the kick drum, the upright or electric bass and the electric guitar. The great low end dynamic range makes the 6011A usable in all close-miking situations.

Front End Audio also offers the Sandhill Audio 6011A Ribbon Microphone (Pair).

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