New from Apogee: Symphony I/O MKII Connect 8!

New from Apogee: Symphony I/O MKII Connect 8!

By Front End Audio on Mar 18th 2022

New from Apogee: Symphony I/O MKII Connect 8!

Apogee has just released the new Symphony I/O MKII Connect 8 series! Apogee has essentially combined the now discontinued, 8x8 and 8x8MP modules into a single module; also available in 3 complete systems. This enables engineers to place more AD/DA converters and mic preamps on a single module board, allowing even more I/O capability with the second/available module slot on your Symphony interface!

Apogee Connect 8 Symphony I/O Module

The new Connect 8 series features 8x8 Analog I/O which is selectable between balanced line and microphone preamps. That’s the big point here with the new Connect 8 modules. You’re getting microphone preamps as well as line inputs from the same module. The Connect 8 also features 8x8 digital AES/Optical I/O. With the Symphony I/O MkII Connect 8 audio interface, you’re getting Symphony-quality sound with robust, high-performance AD/DA converters and Apogee’s Advanced Step Gain Architecture™ mic preamps. Each mic preamp is digitally controlled with selectable 48v phantom power, soft limit and phase invert.

Apogee offers three complete systems for the new Connect 8 series. The only difference between them is connectivity. You can buy the Connect 8 system configured for ThunderboltDante + Pro Tools HD, or Pro Tools HD. The Connect 8 Module is also available if you already own a Symphony I/O interface and want to expand your I/O capability.

If you need help configuring your Symphony I/O MKII system, contact Front End Audio and we will have one of our Symphony experts help you configure the exact system to meet your needs!

Apogee Connect Series

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