Looptrotter launches the Sa2rate 2

Looptrotter launches the Sa2rate 2

By Front End Audio on Jun 26th 2019

Looptrotter launches the Sa2rate 2

Looptrotter Audio Engineering has announced that they new 2nd gen version of their Sa2rate has been released today. Looptrotter touts the new Sa2rate 2, saying:

The second generation of the dual channel saturator is fitted with Looptrotter’s world famous solid state saturation circuit. It was created to add low order harmonics and smoothly even the signal in a musical and ear friendly way, significantly increasing the RMS level without raising peaks at the same time, so desired in modern music production.

Generation 2 upgrades include:

-TRS instrument inputs (-10dB)

-LO Safe/ HI Smooth THD filters

-DRY/WET signal control

Given the powerful tone shaping of the original unit, allowing you to sculpt a single instrument, buss, or enrich a complete mix, the added features of the Sa2rate 2 will not only extend the tonal possibilities, but also allow it to become equally a tracking tool, as it is a mixing tool.

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