Introducing the new Millennia NSEQ-HF

Introducing the new Millennia NSEQ-HF

By Front End Audio on Jul 25th 2022

Introducing the new Millennia NSEQ-HF

Millennia has announced their new NSEQ-HF 500 Series module. Millennia's NSEQ-HF is the high frequency peaking/shelving section of the industry-standard NSEQ-4 Equalizer in a 500 Series module. As Millennia states in a press release:

"Ever wonder how they get those amazing clear vocals or the sparkle of an acoustic guitar?
The NSEQ's HF section has been used on countless recordings as a not-so secret trick to add
musical sparkle to vocals, acoustic instruments and the entire mix. The most frequent
comment we hear from our mastering clients: "...the 21k doesn't sound like an
EQ ... It sounds like music."

NSEQ-4 ultra-low noise circuitry has been incorporated into the affordable NSEQ-HF 500
series module, including Millennia's all-discrete third generation Class A JFET FSA-03 EQ
amplifier and true-differential all-discrete JFET DSA-01 Class A line amplifier, delivering
unparalleled sonic reality.

Choose peaking or shelving filter shapes. Select 1 of 6 frequency centers from 4.8k to 21k
and dial in the sound. The cut/boost range is +/- 18dB, controlled by a 21-position
detented gain control. A gain range switch allows for finer adjustment by changing
the range to +/- 9dB. The NSEQ-HF's Input switch compensates for the 6dB level
difference when using an unbalanced input."

For many of us (myself especially), the High Frequency range is so important in adding life, air, and floatiness to tracks. A crystal clear and pristine filter is a life saver. Millennia has made a very well respected name for themselves as an authority on achieving just that.

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