Introducing the New Avantone Planar II Headphones!

Introducing the New Avantone Planar II Headphones!

By Front End Audio on Jun 21st 2023

Introducing the New Avantone Planar II Headphones!

Introducing the New Avantone Planar II Headphones! Avantone has just announced the new Avantone Planar II Headphones! The Planar II Headphones are reference-grade, open-back headphones with Planar drivers. Planar II improves on the classic model with reduced weight for a more comfortable fit, an improved noise-free cable, secure dual input jacks, and a new creme color option. When the critical details of your music matter most, you and your sounds both deserve the audiophile-grade quality of Planar the II. They’re the perfect solution for mix engineers, musicians, podcasters, live-streamers, and hi-fi enthusiasts.

Avantone Planar II

The Planar Driver Difference:
Planar drivers are unique drivers that operate via a matric of neodymium magnets that both push and pull from both sides of the diaphragm across it's entire surface area. This creates a broad wavefront akin to what your ears encounter in the natural world. These symmetrical vibrations are responsible for the Planar II's incredible frequency response, tight bass, and ultra-low description. These drivers push and pull, unlike traditional drivers that only push. With the Planar II, you'll hear your music more fully than ever before. 

Avantone Planar II Headphones Features:

  • High-definition planar driver technology outperforms typical dynamic headphone designs, providing an uncompromised, natural sound
  • Low distortion, fast response, and flat frequency response for more precision and accuracy when monitoring and mixing
  • Over the ear, open-back, and extremely lightweight design for greater comfort during long mix sessions
  • Low impedance and amplifier requirements for better use with recording interfaces, hi-fi systems, or mobile devices
  • Extremely wide frequency response from 30 Hz to 30 kHz
  • High-grade, removable, noise-free 3.5mm cable (2-meter)
  • Parallel-wired, sturdy dual input jacks (one on each side)
  • Available in black, red, and creme
  • Optional replacement cable and earpads available

The Avantone Planar II Headphones are available now for purchase at Front End Audio! They're available in RedCreme, and Black. If you have any questions about the Planar II Headphones or any of Avantone's other products, give us a call! We're here to help!

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