Heritage Audio Super 8 NEW at Front End Audio!

Heritage Audio Super 8 NEW at Front End Audio!

By Front End Audio on May 31st 2022

Heritage Audio Super 8 NEW at Front End Audio!

Introducing the all new Heritage Audio Super 8 - eight channel microphone preamp and interface expander! The Super 8 features eight microphone/line/instrument preamps that are transformer based for vibe and mojo. The Super 8 is based on the classic 1073 design, yet a preamp with it's own tone. Further, the Super 8 features 24Bit 192kHz premium converters, over ADAT. SPDIF, and AES outputs to expand your interface for even more inputs, and easy interfacing with your favorite DAW! Heritage Audio notes "Switchable path for converters per channel, either directly from Preamp or from External Source."

Additional features noted by Heritage Audio include, 80dB of Gain (for you ribbon mic lovers) gold plated XLR/Line inputs/outputs, 48V Phantom Power, Switchable Mic/Line inputs, Phase Invert, 80Hz High Pass Filter, Switchable Impedance (1200Ohm to 300Ohm), -20dB Pad, and Heritage Audio's highly regarded JFET D.I. for direct instrument input.

Heritage made the statement upon announcing the Super 8:

"We decided to meet the demands of many musicians, producers and engineers and offer and all-in-one package with the SUPER 8 to get eight high quality signals recorded into your DAW. For the first time we are introducing a package with 8 of our famous ́73 style preamps all in just one 2 rack space unit. So this piece is stuffed with all the goodies you ́d expect including exclusively designed Carnhill transformers on the Inputs and Outputs and Tantalum and Styroflex capacitors to make sure you get all the juice, vibe and feel from that golden era all while dishing out a very generous 80dB of gain!"

Heritage pulls no punches in the release of this powerhouse box. The Super 8 is sure to impress, and find a home in many studios.

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