Grimm Audio Announces NEW CC2 Master Clock – Just the basics for an affordable price!

Grimm Audio Announces NEW CC2 Master Clock – Just the basics for an affordable price!

By Front End Audio on Mar 14th 2017

Grimm Audio Announces NEW CC2 Master Clock – Just the basics for an affordable price!

An answer is finally arriving for the hopes and dreams of many: Grimm Audio is just about to begin shipping their new Grimm Audio CC2 Master Clock - a limited feature-set, 1RU half-rack version of their much lauded Grimm Audio CC1 Master Clock. By focusing on the fact that many people are only needing and using just one or two outputs of master clocks hosting many elaborate features which go unused, designer Eelco Grimm has brought us all a product of superior performance at a price within reach of many more pro audio budgets.

Grimm Audio's CC1 recently gained a bit of spotlight in a now (in)famous write-up on Master Clocks by audio writer/worker Allen Farmel0 (with Matthew Agoglia) in the Pink Paper #002 – The Future of Clocks: Clarifications in the Audio Clocking Paradigm. Here's the info pertinent to their findings on the CC1:

"Grimm Audio CC1 Master Clock – Quick summary: Allen bought one immediately! This clock is incredible. The detail and imaging from it are superior to anything we heard, and the overall “relaxed” sound of the playback was as close to analog tape (read: jitter-free) as anything we’d tried. The Grimm CC1 didn’t make the music sound as aggressive and forward as the Antelope clocks, and that was a huge plus, because what you get instead is unparalleled depth and detail, as well as a feeling of “calm” that none of the other clocks provided. Of course, the CC1 is simply a clock with no conversion available (like the Cranesong HEDD), but it seems there is something to be said for a dedicated clock, as whatever Grimm has done inside the CC1 is topping an elite class of options as a price less than half of some of the other offerings. Hands down, the CC1 was our preference."

Obviously, this is clocking performance to have if you're into deep/natural sound without any hints of harshness. But, like many professional master clocks, the feature-set of the CC1 is pretty expansive. And unlike many master clocks, the CC1 offers a level of control typically unseen - such as the ability to select AES out behavior (thru or mute), output impedances (75 Ohm or Lo-Z), clock polarity/phase on specific outputs, and unlock behavior (hold or mute)... not to mention a whopping 16 BNC wordclock outputs over two groups!

The Grimm Audio CC1 can sync to an external reference, sporting a PLL which offers an astounding 90dB of jitter suppression at 10Hz, further improving at 60dB/dec. The CC1 offers base rates of 44.1kHz and 48kHz and 1/2/4 multiples in separately selectable groups, in addition to an AES/EBU reclocker for cleaning the digital feed to your DA converter. Like all Grimm Audio products, the CC1 features striking styling and solid build quality... which similarly carries over into the instantly recognizable Grimm Audio CC2.

The Grimm Audio CC2 by comparison is incredibly basic - set your clock rate, and run one or two BNC cables out to devices - and that's it. But, again, that's how MOST audio peopleuse a master clock. Remember - there are more home studio users than pro studio users at this point. And there's a very real demand for what's considered by many to be the best clock signal to date to improve the audio conversion performance of the plethora of various interface/converters at work in home studios across the world. The CC2 delivers this in spades.

With a street price of $1095, the CC2 is set to take the world by storm, finding a home in many a studio and live sound rack.

The CC2 is set to begin shipping before Christmas 2016... and it's perfectly sized to be quite the stocking-stuffer.

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