Front End Audio is pleased to welcome Cranborne Audio to their family.

Front End Audio is pleased to welcome Cranborne Audio to their family.

By Front End Audio on Oct 16th 2018

Front End Audio is pleased to welcome Cranborne Audio to their family.

Front End Audio is proud and excited to announce that they will stock, supply, and represent Cranborne Audio - an innovative new professional audio company that designs, engineers, and manufactures in the UK.

Cranborne Audio was built on a commitment by 4 London-based product designers to create products that push the boundaries of performance and offer the highest-possible quality, whilst remaining accessible for everybody regardless of budget or studio size.

With decades of experience designing award-winning audio products under different guises, Cranborne Audio is a company on a mission to prove what can be achieved in the audio industry when performance and the modern customer’s requirements are at the forefront of product design. The first 3 products that solidify this commitment are Camden 500, 500R8, and 500ADAT.

The Camden 500 is the first product to leave Canborne Audio’s UK manufacturing facility, and it’s a product boasting groundbreaking specifications that need to be seen and heard to be believed. Camden 500 is not ‘another’ 500 series preamp; it’s probably the cleanest and most transparent preamp on the market today boasting vanishingly low THD, noise, and phase/frequency deviation at all gain settings. With the addition of Cranborne Audio’s custom Mojo analogue saturation effect, analogue warmth and saturation can be dialed-in to taste to transform Camden 500 into the warmest and most characterful mic preamp in your arsenal.

Camden 500

The 500R8 is the most technologically advanced 500 series ‘lunchbox’ ever created. Not only is it the new high-current home to up to eight (8) 500 series modules, it’s also a high-performance 28-in/30-out USB audio interface, custom analogue summing mixer, comprehensive monitor controller, and zero-latency analogue artist mixer in one 19” 4U chassis. Featuring reference-level conversion, and sub 0.5 picosecond jitter digital clocking, every subtle nuance of the 500 series modules are captured and converted with utmost detail. Not only can you track through your favorite 500 series modules, advanced hybrid routing enables USB channels to be sent back through your analogue 500 series modules and back into your DAW. 500R8 makes integrating analogue hardware into your DAW easier than ever and is the centrepiece to any modern home or professional studio.

The 500ADAT on the other hand is the perfect companion to all ADAT-equipped audio interfaces and enables any engineer/musician to integrate 500 series into their studio workflow via tried-and-tested ADAT. 500ADAT shares the same high-performance conversion and clocking technology as 500R8, as well the same advanced hybrid routing to enable sources to be sent out into your 500 series modules and then back into the DAW using ADAT.

Front End Audio and Cranborne Audio are extremely proud to be working together in bringing audio performance that was previously reserved for those with the highest budgets to everybody. These first 3 products only scratch the surface of what Cranborne Audio are capable of with even more innovation on its way for 2019.

Front End Audio will be receiving some of the very first shipments of Camden 500, 500R8, and 500ADAT to leave Cranborne Audio’s UK manufacturing facility.

Cranborne Audio 500 Series Racks

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