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The Cranborne Audio 500ADAT 500-Series Rack is a 8-slot 500 series rack with built-in A/D & D/A conversion featuring low-jitter internal Master Clock, ADAT interfacing, zero-latency headphone monitoring, and 8-to-2 analogue summing mixer.

The 500ADAT is the perfect tool to increase the I/O count of any ADAT-equipped audio interface. It's an 8-in/8-out ADAT expander that combines a 500 series rack with high-performance A/D-D/A conversion and ADAT I/O that allows any engineer to integrate the 500 series format into their studio using ADAT I/O on the back of any popular audio interface. The 500ADAT features analogue essentials that unite digital and analogue production workflows such as an 8-into-2 analogue summing mixer, zero-latency artist mixer with 2 reference-quality headphone outputs, and true ADAT & SMUXII/IV transmission to enable operation at sample rates up to 192kHz

The Best Of Analogue
By capitalising on the vast and ever growing 500 series market, you can configure your 500ADAT to suit your tastes of analogue flavour. By installing your favourite 500 series modules into the 8 available 500 series slots, you can create your ultimate analogue front-end/preamp stage that can be multi-track recorded directly into your DAW. Fill 500ADAT full of vintage preamps for recording drums. Fill 500ADAT full of clean and pristine preamps for recording strings. Fill 500ADAT full of Preamp, EQ, and Compressor modules to create your own custom, analogue channel strips. The possibilities are endless and every 500ADAT is unique to your sound. Integrating 500 series modules into your workflow doesn't stop after the recording. Dedicated module source switches for each 500 series slot allow you to send ADAT outputs from your audio interface, into 500ADAT, through the 8 installed 500 series modules, and back into your audio interface for recording (with that analogue ‘mojo’ applied). Think of 500ADAT as a bank of 8 external Analogue Plug-ins. For a more hands-on, all-analogue approach to mixing, 500ADAT also features an 8-into-2 high-headroom analogue summing mixer with dedicated level and pan controls that you can use to create your own high-headroom analogue mix before recording it back into your DAW using the dedicated 1/4” mix output jacks on the rear panel.

The Best Of Digital
In order to capture every subtle nuance of your analogue signal, 500ADAT features reference-class A/D-D/A conversion with 121dB (A-wtd) dynamic range and THD+N of <0.00032% (@ -4dBFS, 1kHz, A-wtd), all governed by 500ADAT’s master-reference grade internal Clock with

8-in/8-out ADAT Interface
ADAT is tried, tested, and still one of the most widely available interfacing protocols in the audio industry, however it often remains unused and underutilised by many audio engineers and producers. Almost all major audio interfaces on the market feature a pair of ADAT lightpipe ports - simply connect 500ADAT to those ports and you can enhance and expand the possibilities of your studio. By containing its own converters and using ADAT to transport audio to and from the 500 series format, 500ADAT removes analogue cabling spaghetti between your rack and interface whilst eliminating the worry of mismatched analogue operating levels between interface inputs and 500 series module outputs. 500ADAT is compatible with any session running from 44.1kHz to 192kHz and can achieve 8 channels of I/O expansion at 44.1kHz to 96kHz or 4 channels of I/O expansion at 176.4/192kHz.

Summing Mixer
Analogue summing can give your mix the final bit of analogue character required to achieve professional and polished sonic results. What makes 500ADAT's 8-into-2 channel summing mixer so special is that it is positioned after the 8 500 series slots - allowing you to insert saturation or subtle 'bus-compression' modules and create a stereo mix using 500ADAT’s dedicated analogue level and pan controls beneath each module. 500ADAT's summing mixer also has a dedicated line output which can be used to send your stereo mix into your audio interface for recording.

Zero-Latency Artist Mixer
500ADAT moves away from clunky "virtual" software mixers and gets your hands back onto the mix. By using 500ADAT’s high-headroom analogue summing mixer, you can create zero-latency, all-analogue mixes of live sources that can be blended with the Aux Input and sent directly to the performing musicians via C.A.S.T. or the local headphone outputs.

CAST Equipped
C.A.S.T. stands for Cat 5 Analogue Snake Transport and enables cost effective and organised cable management around your studio. C.A.S.T. repurposes off-the-shelf, shielded Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 7 networking cables to transport 4 channels of balanced analogue audio over a single cable. C.A.S.T. is 100% analogue and requires no setup in order to operate. It can easily work at distances up to 100m when Cat 6 or Cat 7 cable is used and the complete studio cabling infrastructure costs a fraction of what an analogue multi core would cost. No setup. No latency. No fuss. And it sounds great.

Designed and Engineered in the UK
To ensure that every product bearing the Cranborne Audio name is worthy of studio environments big or small, every 500ADAT is carefully assembled by a skilled workforce with immense attention to detail and every product is tested thoroughly by a skilled engineer before shipping to destinations around the world.

Tracking Bundles!
Cranborne Audio has introduced two very cool bundles that are available here at Front End Audio. These bundles are called the Cranborne Audio 500R8 Tracking Bundle, and the Cranborne Audio 500ADAT Tracking Bundle. These bundles include Cranbornes well respected Camden Preamps (x8), and either the 500R8 Rack, or 500ADAT rack (respectively). So if you want to have the ultimate Cranborne bundle and save, these are the bundles to get! Expand your studio or live rig with easy, and tonal flexibility!

Cranborne Audio 500ADAT 500-Series Rack Features

  • 8 Channel A/D-D/A converter
  • High-performance A/D-D/A conversion
  • Master reference-quality internal clock
  • Analogue summing mixer
  • Zero-latency artist mixer
  • Reference-Quality Headphone Outputs
  • High-current 8-slot 500 series rack
  • C.A.S.T. Compatible
  • 24v, 5a external locking power supply
  • Designed and Engineered in the UK

Cranborne Audio 500ADAT 500-Series Rack Includes

  • 500ADAT 500-Series Rack
  • External power adapter
  • IEC cable
  • 16 module fixing screws (crosshead, 4-40 thread size)
  • Allen key (2.5mm)
  • Quickstart Guide

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  • 5
    Best 500 box. Full Stop
    Carey Bruce

    This thing punches way above its weight. You don’t even need 500 modules to get major use of this product. It’s five products in one.

  • 5
    Impressive feature set
    Lynn Walker

    Good build quality. Great I/O features.