Fredenstein expands on the Bento line

Fredenstein expands on the Bento line

Jan 13th 2020

Fredenstein has announced two additions to their Bento line of 500 series power supplies. These two new offerings come in the form of the Bento 8, and Bento 8 Pro.

The Fredenstein Bento 8 offers a linear power supply that accommodates up to eight 500 series modules, and rack mountable in it's 3U format. This is a nice middle ground between the Bento 6 and Bento 10.

The Fredenstein Bento 8 Pro offers all the same features of the Bento 8, but includes the additions of a selectable stereo or dual mono monitoring output, a headphone output, and two VU meters.

Both the Bento 8 and 8 Pro feature Fredenstein's staple linking switches, which are handy for linking modules for stereo/buss processing, as well as creating "channel strips". The Fredenstein Bento 8 and Bento 8 Pro are expected to start shipping in March this year.

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