Cranborne Audio's 500R8 & 500ADAT V1.00 Public BETA Program

Cranborne Audio's 500R8 & 500ADAT V1.00 Public BETA Program

By Front End Audio on Mar 25th 2022

Cranborne Audio's 500R8 & 500ADAT V1.00 Public BETA Program

Cranborne Audio is now launching the Cranborne Audio Public BETA Program for their new V1.00 firmware! This firmware update is for the Cranborne Audio 500R8 and the Cranborne Audio 500ADAT 500-Series Racks and has been in the works for 3 years now. The new firmware is packed with updates Cranborne users have been longing for. Such as:

500R8 V1.00:

  • SPDIF I/O operational at 44.1kHz and 48kHz
  • SPDIF selectable as Slave Clock Source
  • Maximum USB streaming channels increased to 28-in/30-out (44.1/48kHz only)
  • ‘Latching’ function for Talkback key
  • Tap for latching, Hold for momentary
  • New Audio Driver (Windows Only)
  • Updated USB driver for lower latency and increased reliability
  • Updated USB driver panel with enhanced and customized GUI

500ADAT V1.00:

  • Automatic Sample Rate Detect
  • DIP switches no longer required to be changed for different Sample Rates
  • 500ADAT changes Internal Sample Rate automatically to match incoming ADAT Input stream from connected interface

Cranborne Audio is close to the finish line with this new update and is currently working to design their own USB updaters for Mac and Windows - to help install the firmware onto their devices. This BETA Program will enable you to be part of Cranborne's R&D team and help them sign-off and complete their firmware updater.

If you're a 500R8 or 500ADAT user and would like to apply for the BETA Program, click the link below and fill out the form. Per Cranborne Audio: "You will not receive the firmware immediately. We will send it out to select participants based on what systems they are using and which systems we need to prioritize for testing. Once we have collected enough participants, we will sort through and send firmware to applicable users in select batches."

Apply for the Cranborne Audio Public BETA Program

If you have any questions about Cranborne Audio, give us a call at Front End Audio and we'll be happy to help! :)

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