Solid State Logic UltraViolet 500-Series Equalizer

Solid State Logic UltraViolet 500-Series Equalizer

Apr 8th 2021

Solid State Logic has released their all new UltraViolet 500-Series Equalizer. SSL notes that the UltraViolet 500 Series EQ is 'our new addition to stereo buss enhancement tools. Since we are already well known for our buss compressor, we decided to add an EQ. UltraViolet takes the well-received Violet EQ from Fusion, and added a low mid and a high mid parametric to that.'

The SSL Fusion has been beyond a massive hit. The Fusion quickly skyrocketed to being one of the most loved buss processing tools available. And with good reason - the Fusion is an amazing sounding processor, with a ton of features. It is not just that each section is so powerful and useful, but how each section enhances the previous and next that creates such rich character and tone. The Violet EQ (for as simple as it is) is one of the most musical EQs out there. Now that Solid State Logic has taken that EQ section from the Fusion, added Low Mid an High Mid bands and put it in a 500 series format, this stereo buss EQ just got significantly cooler. This is one to have on the short list, and quickly in your studio.

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