Black Lion Audio PG-1 Type F Power Conditioner

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Black Lion Audio PG-1 Type F
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Black Lion Audio PG-1 Type F Power Conditioner

The Black Lion Audio PG-1 Type F Power Conditioner is a studio-grade power conditioner and surge protector featuring type-F outlets.

After creating the original PG-1, Black Lion Audio knew that other parts of the world felt left out, as most power conditioners are built with only 120v USA-style outlets, or requiretons of expensive adapters to use with your equipment. The PG-1 Type F was built with this in mind: finally, a high-end power conditioner, in a compact 1U design, with a total of eight Type F outlets!

High-end filtering
Your gear deserves the best power, and we took great care in making sure the PG-1 Type F delivers just that, thanks to PG-99 Filtering Technology. The PG-1 Type F is builtusing premium Panasonic and Wima capacitors, due to their superior execution in eliminating high frequency noise that robs equipment of its peak performance. In testing,this has provided an average of 99.7% of noise filtering, as opposed to the typical average of 85% found in other power conditioners at the same price point. Combine that superior power filtration with an impressive power absorption rating of 2775 joules, and your gear isn’t just getting quality power, but it’s protected from the most unsafe of scenarios that can happen!

The PG-1 Type F features a bank of six switched, filtered and surge protected outlets onthe back panel — combined into three groups (Digital Audio, Analog Audio, and High Current). The High Current outlets are time delayed, always ensuring that your speakersand power amplifiers are the last to turn on, and the first to turn off — this prevents the dreaded “pop” that can occur if speakers receive power at the same time as your sound sources. The PG-1 Type F also features two filtered convenience on the front panel

Professional features for professional power
It takes more than a few rack-mounted outlets to inspire true confidence in your power conditioner, and that’s where the PG-1 Type F delivers! The PG-1 Type F features a suite of status and alert capabilities: a voltage meter for real-time analysis, LED status for grounding/polarity/noise filtering/abnormal voltage/surge protection, and an audio alarm for unsafe voltage. And if that wasn't enough, Black Lion Audio made sure to include an XLR lamp connection on the front panel. Even in the worse power scenarios, the PG-1 Type F has your gear’s safety in mind.

Black Lion Audio PG-1 Type F Power Conditioner Features

  • 8 Type-F outlets power conditioner
  • PG-99 Filtering Technology for an average of 99.7% noise reduction
  • Front panel XLR lamp connector for lighting
  • Voltage meter helps show current voltage in real time
  • Status LEDs and audio siren help alert for dangerous power scenarios
  • Panasonic and Wima capacitors to filter out performance-robbing high-frequency noise
  • Proper safeguard protection with a power absorption rating of 2775 joules
  • 6 switched back-panel outlets and 2 unswitched front-panel outlets
  • 3 sets of optimized outlets for digital audio, analog audio, and high current devices
  • Time delayed outlets for high current devices help protect speakers and amplifiers
  • 2-stage power up/power down system

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