ART Pro VLA II Tube Leveling Amplifier (Used)

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ART Pro VLA II Tube Leveling Amplifier

Front End Audio acquires previously owned gear through our Buy-Back program. You can purchase used gear at a great price but there are no manufacturer warranties with these items. These items have been inspected and/or tested by our staff to make sure each one is in working condition and comes with our commitment to service. This ART Pro VLA II looks and functions just like new and comes with everything as if you were to purchase it new. Awesome deal!

The ART Pro VLA II Tube Leveling Amplifier was developed for studio and live sound engineers, and possesses a sound that is not available from any other compressor on the market - at any price! The Pro VLA II was designed and constructed with the absolute best components, assuring a lifetime of quiet, reliable performance. The ART Pro VLA II Tube Leveling Amplifier is a multi-purpose compressor/limiter for audio engineering and recording. Enclosed in a 2U rack-mountable chassis are two independent channels of analog compression/leveling designed to work seamlessly with any recording, sound-reinforcement, or electronic instrument setup.

The circuitry is a hybrid design utilizing the latest and most advanced analog and tube technology. Using a transformerless design throughout, the Pro VLA II maintains exceptional signal integrity and extremely low noise. Its VCA-less design utilizes optical electronics (Vactrol) coupled with a 12AX7 vacuum tube gain stage for superior musical performance.

The ART Pro VLA II Tube Leveling Amplifier is a soft knee leveling amplifier by design. Although it is capable of providing a thoughougly "squashed" signal, the PRO VLA II was designed to excel in areas where transparent, expressively musical dynamics control is desired. In addition to making signal levels more manageable, it is common practice to apply compression or limiting to a signal to make it louder or more "in-your-face". The benefit of using the Pro VLA II for these applications is in its design. By utilizing opto-electronics, the Pro VLA II allows you to add more compression without sounding like you're squashing the daylights out of the signal. Unlike typical compressors which use VCA's to control level detection, the Pro VLA II is very musical. The nature of its operation is much like the way your eye adjusts to light. Just as your eye transparently adjusts to changes in light, the Pro VLA II adjusts to changes in signal level.

ART Pro VLA II Tube Leveling Amplifier Features

  • VCA-less Design Provides Unrivaled Musical Performance
  • Provides Superior Dynamics Control For Every Compression Application
  • Variable Threshold, Ratio and Output Controls
  • Smooth, Silky and Transparent Sound Quality
  • Variable Input and Output Gain Controls
  • Professional Backlit VU
  • Input/Output Level Metering
  • Ten Segment Gain Reduction LED Array
  • XLR and 1/4" Inputs and Outputs
  • Mastering Quality Audio Processing
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