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The Antelope Atlas i8 Studio Monitors are a high-end set of studio monitors that synergizes Antelope Audio’s state-of-the-art clock and interface technologies with meticulous acoustical engineering to deliver unparalleled sound accuracy in any studio environment.

Featuring an isobaric configuration with two 8-inch woofers, a coaxial mid and high-frequency driver, and a custom Class-D 400W amplifier, the Atlas i8 delivers precise audio reproduction between 35 and 20,000 Hz with a maximum SPL of 117dB. A custom digital processing system with FPGA chips enhances the performance, achieving a neutral frequency response and linear phase. The result is an accurate, pinpoint sound and a fatigue-free listening experience.The DSP also unlocks a handful of features that improve everyday studio life.

The Atlas i8 has two identical 8-inch woofers that are sealed in an isobaric configuration, one behind the other and moving together in sync. The air pressure caused by the first one is compensated by the movement of the second one, creating a sealed volume with an even pressure level. Usually, to get lower frequencies, one would need a bigger volume in the cabinet. Using this isobaric design allows a drastic reduction in cabinet volume without sacrificing low-end performance. The monitor can get as low as 35Hz without any boosts, ensuring minimal distortion and high sound pressure levels.

Calibration with FIR and IIR filters
To achieve flat and time-aligned frequency response a proprietary digital processing system has been developed to run inside FPGA chips with FIR and IIR filters, thus providing a deep and focused stereo image, precise transients and fatigue-free studio sessions. The Atlas i8 is calibrated during the manufacturing process and tested thoroughly to deliver optimal performance. The DSP enables a range of features, including configurations allowing the Atlas i8 to reach lower frequencies or apply a low-cut so the speaker works in a 2-way mode.

Antelope’s digital precision
Fundamental Antelope Audio technologies are integrated into the Atlas i8 studio monitor. Top quality AD/DA converters and proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology all run internally on a 192 kHz sample rate to ensure that no audio quality will be lost during conversion.

One-point source for the Mids and Highs
A coaxial design with mid frequency driver and a tweeter working together as a single point source deliver improved phase coherence and allow Atlas i8 to be positioned horizontally or vertically without any risk of comb filtering or dips across the upper-frequency spectrum.

Workflow enhancing features
The in-house developed digital signal processing system introduces a range of features that greatly enhance the studio experience. In addition to the analog XLR/TRS input, there is an AES digital in and out, enabling the possibility of daisy chaining two Atlas i8 speakers. Moreover, the digital connection bypasses interface conversions, effectively reducing unwanted artifacts.
The color display on the back of the Atlas i8 grants effortless access to various settings, including dim, mute, volume control, preset saving, EQ adjustments, and multiple speaker modes tailored to different work scenarios. To further enhance the stereo image and sound balance, delay offset settings allow to compensate for distance differences between the sweet spot of two or more monitors if necessary. Additionally, a user-friendly software control panel ensures easy access to all settings, keeping the user in the ideal listening position in front of the computer.

Meticulous cabinet design
The hand-assembled cabinet is 18mm (about 0.71 in) thick, providing a sturdy, vibration-free construction. To reduce resonance frequencies, extra ribs have been added at key positions inside the box. Its volume and bass reflex port have been calculated to perfectly match the characteristics and needs of the two 8-inch woofers in order to achieve optimal frequency and phase response. The front positioning of the bass reflex eliminates any limitations associated with close proximity to walls and corners. For those seeking versatile placement options, an optional mounting plate facilitates wall/ceiling installation, ideal for surround and Atmos setups. A minimalistic visual approach with stylish black and vintage green colors adds the final touches to the Atlas i8 design.

Antelope Atlas i8 Studio Monitor Features

  • Clean and Accurate Low-End
    • Isobaric bass configuration reduces cabinet size while maintaining optimal performance
    • Two 8-inch woofers for precise low-end with minimum distortion even on high SPL
    • Custom Class-D amplifier with low noise & harmonic distortion
    • Thick 18mm cabinet with extra reinforcement, preventing any unwanted resonance frequencies
  • Signature Sound Quality
    • Digital calibration using FIR and IIR filters providing time-aligned neutral frequency response
    • Coaxial driver for a single point axis response, also allows both horizontal and vertical positioning
    • Proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology
    • Ultra-accurate A/D and D/A conversion ensuring transparent and neutral signal
    • 192kHz sample rate ensuring pristine conversion
  • Workflow Enhancing Features
    • Parametric EQ for frequency adjustments
    • Software control panel for easy access to main features
    • Color display with settings menu
    • Delay offset to compensate for distance from the sweet spot
    • AES digital I/O allowing daisy chain
    • Optional mounting plate for wall/ceiling mount

Antelope Atlas i8 Studio Monitor Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 35 – 20 000 Hz
  • Max SPL: 117dB at 1 m with One Speaker
  • Amp Wattage: 400W (200W Low + 100W Mid + 100W High)
  • Input Connectors: Analog XLR/TRS; Digital AES/EBU
  • Output Connectors: Digital AES/EBU
  • Driver Sizes: LF: 2×8″ Isobaric, MF: 5,5″, HF: 1,5″ Coaxial
  • Speaker Configuration: Three-Way
  • Type: Active
  • AD/DA Converter: 24-bit/ 192 kHz
  • Equalization: Digital Parametric
  • Enclosure Type: Front Ported
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 292 mm x 387 mm x 500 mm
  • Weight: 24 kg

Antelope Atlas i8 Studio Monitor Includes

  • 2x Antelope Atlas i8 Studio Monitor
  • 2x Power Supply Cable
  • 2x USB Cable
  • 2x Getting Started Guide/Guide to online User Manual
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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The Antelope Atlas i8 Studio Monitors are an impressive offering in the monitoring world. Being a 4-way monitor with an Isobaric woofer design (two 8" woofers stacked, one behing the other - both facing forward), and a coaxial mid/tweeter design, these monitors boast a phase accurate reproduction, with an accurate extended bottom end (reaching to 35Hz). The imaging the Atlas i8s provide is incredible. Further they are a pleasure to listen to. They have the accuracy that you need to make the critical decisions from, but with more of a musical audiophile character. These won't just be an engineering tool, but a music enjoyment tool as well. The built in DSP gives you a lot of control, and the software remote control gives you an ease of access. Antelope really went all out with the design. We (at Front End Audio) are so impressed, we made sure to put a pair in our in-office studio!

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