AKG HP6E Headphone Amplifier

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AKG HP6E Headphone Amplifier

The AKG HP6E features five stereo inputs and six stereo headphone outputs in an ultra-flexible matrix design. In addition to the master channel, you can assign each output to one of four selectable input channels.

The headphone amplifier can be used to provide versatility in all kinds of applications for monitoring, mixing, or recording. When you want more channels, simply connect multiple HP6E units. Housed in a sturdy chassis, the HP6E is an ideal headphone amplifier for any recording session.

AKG HP6E Headphone Amplifier Features

  • 10 x TRS Inputs, 5 Stereo Channels
  • 6 x Class-A Headphone Amplifiers
  • Mix Volume Control for Amplifier Output
  • 32 Ohms, 600mW Output Per Channel
  • Frequency response @100 mw output 20Hz-20kHz +- 0.3dB
  • Built in flash memory for last state memory recall
  • THD @ 300 mw less then 0.02%
  • Built in power supply

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