AKG HP12U Headphone Amplifier

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AKG HP12U Headphone Amplifier

The AKG HP12U Headphone Amplifier with USB features two stereo input and six stereo output channels, each with two 1/4 outputs and isan ideal headphone amplifier for any recording session.

It can be used to easily monitor your analog or digital equipment - without rewiring your headphones - by switching between inputs A and B. Simply connect multiple units if you need more channels. In addition, the HP12U can also be used as an external sound card by connecting input A to your computer via USB. Housed in a sturdy chassis.

AKG HP12U Headphone Amplifier Features

  • 6x Stereo Output Channels
  • 2x Headphone Outputs Per Channel
  • 2x Stereo Input Channels
  • Selectable Source Input
  • Volume Control on Each Channel
  • Built-In USB Computer Port

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