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Front End Audio carries a comprehensive selection of Recording equipment, whether it be studio or stage, you'll find a variety of Audio Interfaces, Controllers, Studio Consoles, Direct Boxes, Recorders & Players, Signal Processors, Drives & Storage, and Power Solutions. There's such a wide variety of choices of each of these types of devices that it can be a bit overwhelming to know which pieces are going to be right for the sound you're trying to achieve and the reliability level you require. Front End Audio's staff brings years of professional studio and live sound experience to the table. Combine that with a genuine obsession with audio gear and the art of integrating recording consoles, recorders, and DAWs for flawless performance, and Front End Audio is your best choice for making the right decision for you. Need help deciding and/or designing? Just contact Front End Audio and we are happy to help you select the correct gear that will best meet your needs and expectations.
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Presonus iTwo Studio Presonus Audiobox iTwo Studio Bundle

Presonus iTwo Studio Bundle is a complete mobile hardware / software recording kit - a great choice for multitrack song production, demos and musical inspirations, live performances, podcasts, field recording for video or sound design, and much more!

List Price: $299.95
Our Price: $249.95
Antelope Orion Studio Antelope Orion Studio Audio Interface

The Antelope Orion Studio is a complete high-resolution studio in a single rackspace!  12 x Class-A microphone preamps, 2 x Re-amp Outputs, 2 x Monitor Outputs, 16 channels of I/O over ADAT, 16 line outs over DB25 (perfect for connecting to mixers or summing amps), and handles 32 channels at 192 kHz I/O via Thunderbolt or 24 channels at 192 kHz via USB - all benefiting from Antelope Audio's famous AD/DA conversion and clocking. Combine that with the included Antelope Synergy Bundle (PreSonus Studio One Artist and a suite of plugins and instruments from OverLoud) and over 20 RealTime FX built-in to the Orion Studio, and it's easy to see that the Orion Studio delivers the ultimate in flexibility and sonic integrity to a demanding new generation of recording engineers and musicians.

List Price: $2,795.00
Our Price: $2,295.00
Antelope Orion Studio Rev.2017 Antelope Orion Studio Rev.2017 Audio Interface

The Antelope Orion Studio Rev.2017 Audio Interface comes loaded with new features and enhancements, taking this high class interface to a new level. Loaded with 12 Class-A pre amps. updated converters, DSP processing, and more - the Orion Studio Rev.2017 will excel, whether in a home or pro studio.

List Price: $2,595.00
Our Price: $2,595.00
Tonecraft 363 Tonecraft 363 Tube Direct Box - Preamplifier

Tonecraft 363 Tube Direct Box - Preamplifier is a world class instrument DI preamplifier for the stage and studio. Inspiring better musical performance is the first design goal and the Tonecraft 363 has quickly become the "player's player" choice.

List Price: $1,495.00
Our Price: $1,495.00
Samson S-Patch Plus Samson S-Patch Plus Fully Balanced 48-Point Patchbay

The Samson S-Patch 48-point patch bay makes all your connections easy, as it is fully balanced and extremely durable. Gone are the days of changing a patchbay's mode by taking it out of the rack, dismantling it and putting it back together in the desired mode!

List Price: $207.00
Our Price: $119.99

Focusrite Red 8Pre Focusrite Red 8Pre Audio Interface

The 64-in/64-out Focusrite Red 8Pre combines eight digitally-controlled, 'Air' enabled, 'Red Evolution' mic preamps, 16 analogue inputs and 18 analogue outputs and advanced 24-bit, 192kHz conversion with dual Thunderbolt 2, Pro Tools|HD and Dante network audio connectivity.

List Price: $4,299.99
Our Price: $3,499.99
Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB Audio Interface

The Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB Desktop Interface is a Desktop 2x6 USB 3 Audio Interface w/ Realtime UAD-2 DUO Processing. High-Resolution Desktop Music Production with Classic Analog Sound - Now available for Windows.

List Price: $1,129.00
Our Price: $899.00
Universal Audio Apollo Twin SOLO Universal Audio Apollo Twin SOLO Audio Interface

Universal Audio Apollo Twin SOLO: This 2×6 Thunderbolt audio interface for Mac is a full-featured unit that puts the 24/192 kHz audio conversion of Universal Audio’s Apollo series of interfaces together with onboard Realtime UAD SOLO or DUO Processing.

List Price: $870.00
Our Price: $699.00
Sale Price: $559.00

Waves DiGiGrid-D Waves DiGiGrid-D Desktop Interface

The Waves DiGiGrid-D Desktop Interface brings the DiGiGrid system out of the rack and out to the desktop as a 4 Input, 6 Output 96 KHz advanced standalone audio interface. Use it alone in conjunction with a SoundGrid Server, or not, or make it an integral part of a larger networked system.

List Price: $820.00
Our Price: $697.00
Waves DiGiGrid-M Musician's Recording Interface Waves DiGiGrid-M Musician's Recording Interface

The Waves DiGiGrid-M Musician's Recording Interface makes the perfect 'spot' station on stage or studio where you need another mic preamp and/or instrument DI together with a headphone output.

List Price: $549.00
Our Price: $467.00
Sale Price: $399.00

Recording Gear at Front End Audio

Front End Audio sells Recording Gear from brands such as A Designs, AEA, Antelope, Apogee, ART, Audient, Avalon, Avid, AwTAC, Avenson, Audio Black Lion Audio, Blue Microphones, Burl Audio, Chameleon Labs, Chandler Limited, Crane Song, Crimson Audio, DACS, Daking, Dave Hill Designs, DBX, Drawmer, DW Fearn, Earthworks, elysia, Eventide, FMR Audio, Focusrite, Fredenstein, Furman Sound, Grace Design, Great River, Grimm Audio, Gyraf Audio, IGS, Joemeek, John Hardy, Kush, LaChapell Audio, Lavry Engineering, Lexicon, Lynx Studio Technology, Manley Labs, Miktek, Millennia Media, Moog, Mytek Digital, Overstayer, Pendulum Audio, Phoenix Audio, PreSonus, Purple Audio, Radial Engineering, RapcoHorizon, Regular John Recording, RETRO, RME, Rockruepel, Roll Music, Rupert Neve Designs, Smart Research, Sonic Core, Solid State Logic, Sonifex, Speck Electronics, SPL, Studio Electronics, Summit Audio, Switchcraft, Symetrix, Tascam, TC Electronic, Thermionic Culture, Tonecraft, Tonelux, Trident, True Systems, Tube-Tech, Universal Audio, Vintech, Waves DiGiGrid / SoundGrid, WesAudio, Yamaha, and more!

About Recording Gear

The Recording Gear that we find in Recording and Broadcast Studios most often covers an area stretching far beyond where software emulations and DAW architecture are capable of covering. We can't really get around the need for audio hardware such as needing a great audio interface at a minimum. And for many of us, we need much more than just that as our skill-sets and understandings of what constitutes a professional recording studio evolve. We're usually expanding and upgrading our gear as we learn more. So, we're upgrading our interfaces every so many years; we're adding power management / voltage regulators, hard disk drives, direct boxes, reampers, control surfaces with faders, and maybe even a full-blown recording console with patchbays, etc. We love the way outboard effects and signal processors sound often compared to their software emulations. And sometimes as those of us who work professionally find, we need lots of various tools to accommodate our clients' needs. So, we might find ourselves crossing over into live sound and recording. They may need a playback system for backing tracks which integrates in with a network to feed the tracks to their console. We There are a LOT of variables in the design of the gear, and of the design of how all of the equipment works together. Both translate to differences in the sound and to your resulting ease of workflow. The staff here at Front End Audio is ready, willing, and able to help guide you through the myriad options to help you get the sound you're after. Regardless of your budget or application, Front End Audio can help you decide on the rack gear that will meet your needs.

Recording Gear Types

Front End Audio sells various types of Audio Interfaces, Controllers, Studio Consoles, Direct Boxes, Recorders & Players, Signal Processors, Drives & Storage, and Power Solutions.