Zaor YESK 2 Studio Desk

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Zaor YESK 2
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Zaor YESK 2 Studio Desk

The Zaor YESK 2 Studio Desk is a compact working desk built from high-quality, low-resonance materials, providing eight ergonomically slanted rack units and a versatile pull-out tray below the large desk surface.

When space is an issue, Yesk is the solution. With its very compact footprint, this production desk creates a lot of room on three levels, and further provides rack space for your outboard equipment. While some larger workstations can feel like they dominate a room, the slender design of Yesk always leaves breathing room for comfort. Take a seat at your Yesk. Right in front of you, you have two rack bays of four units each, conveniently slanted for optimal operating comfort – your interfaces, mic preamps or processors just wait for you to dial in your settings.

High quality materials and comprehensive features
Like its successful predecessor, the new YESK offers plenty of space for all your favourite instruments and studio gear despite its small footprint. Three surfaces on different levels support keyboards, controllers and monitors while six rack units keep your trusted 19” equipment like interfaces, mic preamps or outboard gear in convenient reach. Designed by Tom Schuh, the refined new shape of YESK excels through even better stability with unprecedented slim lines. New materials and elegant colour combinations of plywood, gray and black make the new YESK a fascinating piece of modern design that will significantly enhance the appearance of any studio environment.

Compact and flexible
Due to its compact dimensions, the new YESK from Zaor is perfect for home recording and project studios, but the list of possible applications does not end there. The advanced and modern design also makes it ideal for professional environments where a representative appearance is important: With YESK, the audio or video editing suite in a media agency will be equipped in an outstanding ergonomical and stylish manner as well. On top of that, the distinguished flexibility of three work surfaces combined with a movable keyboard drawer make the Zaor table first choice for musicians or DJs. YESK by Zaor is easy to set up and disassemble, so it is no problem to move the studio to another place.

Zaor YESK 2 Studio Desk Features

  • Open, minimalist design
  • Full solid wood frame
  • Four levels for all your gear
  • Open-sided keyboard tray
  • Rugged construction
  • 8 Rack spaces

Zaor YESK 2 Studio Desk Specifications

  • Height – 954 mm
  • Width – 1500 mm
  • Depth – 852 mm
  • Desktop height – 814 mm
  • Feet height – 623 mm
  • Weight:: 115 lbs

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