Yamaha HS5 Monitors Package

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Yamaha HS5
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Yamaha HS5 Monitors Package

The Yamaha HS5 Monitors Package in an exclusive monitoring package from Front End Audio that includes a pair of Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitors, Auralex MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pads to isolate both monitors and your choice of a pair of cables!

The Yamaha HS5 Monitors are one of the best monitors on the market for home and project studio use (as well as professional reference), with their natural open sound that does not color the music. This makes them ideal for a variety of musical styles. The Yamaha HS5 Monitors Package monitor packages bring you the Yamaha HS5 monitors (perfect for medium to larger rooms, or music styles that demand more low frequency attention), with Auralex MoPads (to help isolate your monitors and reduce low-mid/low-end build up), and a pair of quality cables, at great savings that really make this a no-brainer. Need more low-mid to low-end balance? Add a Yamaha HS8S sub for even more savings!

Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor DetailsWhen choosing reference monitors for mixing and music production, accuracy is the prime consideration. Speakers that sound "good" on first impression may not necessarily be accurate. What you really need is an honest reference for your mix, rather than monitors that have been tweaked or colored to deceptively sound impressive. The Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitors have been created by Yamaha's studio monitor engineering team to deliver exceptionally flat, accurate response that you can trust. Unlike "monitor" speakers with exaggerated bass and treble that make a good first impression but can't be relied on for accuracy, the HS series were designed to be true studio reference monitors in the tradition of the legendary Yamaha NS10M. Whether you're mixing for stereo or 5.1 surround, mixes that sound good on Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitors will translate accurately to the widest possible range of reproduction systems - which is engineer-speak that simply means they'll sound good on anything. And that is the ultimate goal of any reference monitor. We should also mention that the Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitors not only sound great, they look great, too.

Auralex MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pads Details

Your loudspeakers are the most critical components you use to verify the quality of your work. No matter how good your mixer, mics, preamps, cables, and other pieces of gear that you've invested in, you're not truly hearing what your recordings sound like until you isolate your monitors from their environment. Buy a set today - you'll hear an AMAZING difference. In the studio environment, everything that vibrates can add artifacts to your sound. If you allow your monitors to acoustically couple to a shelf, a rack, desk, or the meter bridge of your mixing board, it can degrade the accuracy of what you're hearing. Furthermore, once your monitors spread vibrations to whatever they're resting on, everything else that's in physical contact with your monitors will vibrate too. This is where the Auralex MoPads come in. MoPads provide sonic isolation between your monitors and whatever your monitors are resting on, INSTANTLY improving the accuracy of your entire monitoring system. Auralex MoPads come with wedge adjusters, allowing you to tilt your studio monitors (or any item to be decoupled/isolated) to listening angles of 4°, 8°, -4°, and -8°. Leaving the Auralex MoPad wedge in place allows the monitor to be set flat at 0 degrees. MoPads have other unlimited uses, such as isolating delicate electronics from vibration. They are also useful under CD burners, computer speakers, laptops and turntables, providing it doesn't restrict air flow. Auralex MoPADs are affordable, easy to implement, and really effective at decoupling your monitors - or ANYTHING in your studio - from your room and all its contents.

Balanced Line Cable Details

In studio applications you will need a balanced cable. This bundle includes two 10-foot cables, and you can choose between different connector configurations: 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS, 1/4" TRS to XLR Male, or XLR Male to XLR Female.

Yamaha HS5 Monitors Package Includes

  • (2) Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitors (Black)
  • (1) Pair Auralex MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pads
  • (1) Pair of Balanced Cables

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  • 5
    Great for choral music

    I won't claim to have experience with studio monitors. I typically preferred headphones for listening, but needed something to mix with. I like these so well that I prefer them over the headphones. They may be a bit forward in the mid-range. But, this is well-suited to what I mix and it doesn't seem to be an issue when listening to other types of music.

  • 4
    Great project studio monitors

    Most people think bigger is better. These little guys turn that idea on its head. If you work in a small room without a lot of sound treatment these are the perfect workhorses for mixing. They can be adjusted for your preferences (including NS10-style mids). If you really need low-end (and your room can handle it) they pair perfectly with a Yamaha sub. They also have fantastic stereo imaging if you sit in the sweet spot and they don't tend to give me ear fatigue at normal volumes. The one thing they don't do well is sweeten things, so they may not be the best choice if you just want to listen to music.