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The Ultimate Support Ulti-Boom-FB Pro Fixed Boom Arm has redefined how professional boom arms should perform.

Cassette tapes and black and white televisions have both given way to stamp-sized MP3 players and wall-sized widescreens. It's high time to throw your vintage microphone boom arms into the same waste pile you tossed your bell bottoms and the AMC Gremlin your parents drove in high school. Welcome to the Ulti-Boom Pro evolved boom arms. Welcome to the future.

One Knob To Rule Them All!
Four Degrees of Freedom - That's how we affectionately describe our patented ball-in-joint boom arm clamp. With just one Z-Knob, you can take control of tilt (angle), pan (left to right), depth (toward or away from you), and rotation (twisting the mic one way or the other)! Its quiet, easy, fast, and well, kinda fun!

Heavy-duty Counterweight
Is that a real counterweight, or are you just glad to see me? Why, thank you for asking. YES! That is a real counterweight (and, we're also glad to see you). Ulti-Boom Pro features a .65-pound die-cast zinc counterweight - not the cheesy, flimbsy, plastic piece you see on all the other boom arms. Makes you wonder what exactly those are for. The Ulti-Boom Pro's counterweight offers true balance and stability and is 30x stronger than other ABS or Nylon counterweights!

Aluminum Tubing with Architectural Anodized Finish
The complete boom (mast and telescoping tube) use oversized, heavy-walled aluminum tubing for durability, functionality, and weight savings. What's more, thanks to the architectural anodized finish (the same type of finish found on stadium bleachers), an Ulti-Boom will not rust or corrode and is 2x to 20x more durable than competing boom arm finishes.

Ultimate Support Ulti-Boom-FB Pro Fixed Boom Arm Features

  • One Knob To Rule Them All!
  • Heavy-duty Counterweight
  • Aluminum Tubing with Architectural Anodized Finish

Ultimate Support Ulti-Boom-FB Pro Fixed Boom Arm Specifications

  • Boom Type: Fixed
  • Boom Length: 34.75" (883mm)
  • Counterweight: .65 lbs. (.3 kg)
  • Weight: 1.95 lbs. (.9 kg)

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  • 5
    This should last a while
    Robin crane

    The fact that this uses a steel bolt/clamp system give it an advantage right off the bat. No more crappy threaded pot metal to strip out. My only criticism (so far, I've only had it 2 weeks) would be he width of the tube. It's pretty stout! As a singing drummer, this things right off my face, but it's OK. I'll get used to it. Works great!