Traverse 652 Tube Preamp


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The Traverse 652 Tube Preamp features a vintage sound, feel, and vibe. Hand-soldered and crafted with passion. The ultimate stereo tube preamp for the modern studio.

Introducing the all new dual-channel vacuum tube preamplifier with mic, line, and instrument inputs: the 652! The unique circuit provides up to 60 dB of gain using the vacuum tube input stage, followed by a master attenuation control in the discrete output buffer stage. Want a clean yet musical replication of the source? How about the creamy saturation of an esoteric vintage preamplifier?

The Traverse 652's gentle drive characteristics allow for a broad tonal palette, depending on the gain selection and how hard you hit it with signal. It can be used with all types of microphones (including ribbons) and the line level input pad allows you to add warmth and coloration to any track from a digital audio workstation. The switched ¼” DI jack on the front is perfect for the direct recording of unbalanced instruments.

Traverse 652 Tube Preamp Features

  • 12AX7 input stage with 12-position gain switch, 5 – 60 dB (5 dB steps)
  • High-voltage transistor buffer output stage (4x FJP5200)
  • Discrete Class-A operation, low-noise topology
  • Hermetically-sealed relay switching, with gold-plated contacts
  • Variable input impedance for mic: 300 ohms, 1200 ohms
  • Source selection switch: Mic and Line-Level
  • Phase inversion switch
  • Selectable high-pass filter of 10Hz, 80Hz, and 200Hz (first order)
  • Regulated low-noise power supply, with +48V DC phantom power
  • High-quality Beldfoil® shielded cabling throughout
  • Custom Lundahl input and output transformers
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

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