TC Electronic Clarity M Stereo Audio Meter

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TC Electronic Clarity M Stereo
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TC Electronic Clarity M Stereo Audio Meter

The TC Electronic Clarity M Stereo Audio Meter provides precise visual metering that helps you make crucial decisions during audio production, mixing, and mastering, and also works in stereo post-production applications.

The 7" high-resolution display can show a quick overview or the important fine points at a glance. Aside from standalone operation, the unit supports plug-in metering via all modern plug-in standards, allowing a user to work with any preferred DAW.

Digital connectivity via the included custom breakout cable hosts two channels of unbalanced AES3 digital audio, connecting the meter to an external mixing desk, console, or audio interface for broadcast-grade metering. Also available is a stereo optical input that can connect to an audio interface through TOSLINK for maximum flexibility. One of the breakout cables allows you to hook up a two-button footswitch and easily reset the meter, as well as for triggering play and pause.

TC Electronic Clarity M Stereo Audio Meter Features

  • Professional stereo meter for mixing, mastering, and post production
  • Compliant with all major broadcast standards including ITU BS.1770-4, ATSC A/85, EBU R128, TR-B32, and OP-59
  • Scalable True-Peak Meter identifies clipping in DACs, CODECs, and downstream filters
  • 7" high-resolution LCD display for precision metering in all studio environments
  • Two input channels of unbalanced, 96 kHz AES3 digital audio on 75-Ohm BNC connectors for broadcast-grade metering
  • Downmix deviation meter for determining the quality of your mix in stereo or mono fold-down
  • Correlation meter for identifying phasing issues and other anomalies
  • USB connection for hassle-free connection with AAX Native, Audio Units, and VST plug-in metering
  • LM6 Loudness Radar Meter provides all essential loudness monitoring information on a single screen
  • High-accuracy real-time analyzer with 1/3 octave resolution and individual band zoom
  • Vector scope to help you identify important stereo balance and phase issues in your mix
  • Balance-O-Meter for judging left/right balance at a glance
  • Multiple hardware mounting options available

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