Steinberg UR12 USB Audio Interface

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Steinberg UR12
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Steinberg UR12 USB Audio Interface

The Steinberg UR12 USB Audio Interface combines an extremely compact design, extraordinary build quality, full iPad connectivity and the outstanding D-PRE mic preamp to redefine quality for its class of 2-in 2-out USB interfaces. 24/192 converters offer you outstanding levels of audio fidelity, while the D-PRE gives your microphone recordings incredible detail, depth and dynamics.

The Steinberg UR12 USB Audio Interface is the most basic model in the popular and extensive UR series. The Steinberg UR12 features a solid body and design, and is the result of a never-ending flow of development ideas that fulfill the UR series' commitment to audio quality—all in a compact package that has only those components that are absolutely necessary for basic music production.

The Steinberg UR12 proves how many first-class components can fit into a compact device at a very competitive price point. Its cleverly engineered capabilities give you all the I/O you need to quickly record your tracks.

With Full-on Audio Quality
At a quality that would just a few years ago have seemed impossible on a recording device at this price point. The acclaimed D-PRE offers a sumptuously detailed, wonderfully dynamic sound, while the second input offers access to a Hi-Z input for guitars or basses. Featuring recording in stunning 24-bit quality at a whopping 192 kHz, the Steinberg UR12 offers almost unheard of fidelity for recording in its class.

Portable and Affordable
The Steinberg UR12 has been engineered not only to offer the maximum functionality and quality in an extremely compact design, but also to be available at a very low price point. Often, smaller interfaces that are affordable for those on a tight budget mean (at best) average audio quality; this ethos has been transcended by the Steinberg UR12, with its first-rate components, fantastic price/value ratio and exceedingly portable design.

iOS Connectivity
The Steinberg UR12 offers a Class Compliant mode for connectivity with Apple’s iPad and iPhone. Combining the Steinberg UR12 with an iOS audio application like Steinberg’s Cubasis gives you a remarkably intuitive music production experience. If you’re running your Steinberg UR12 with an iOS device, just add a portable USB battery or any standard USB power supply to provide the interface with the required current.

Integrate Your System
The Steinberg UR12 is compatible with all major audio editing, mastering and music production software supporting the ASIO, Core Audio or WDM standard. The Steinberg UR12 also includes a special version of Cubase, Cubase AI, to offer a complete production environment in one package. And Cubase users also benefit from the auto-setup functionality which handles configuration of input and output channels and buses from within Cubase for a uniquely integrated music production environment.

Steinberg UR12 USB Audio Interface Features

  • 24-bit/192 kHz - Top-of-the-range converters provide a maximum sampling rate of 192 kHz and a resolution of 24 bits, delivering pristine audio quality.
  • One Class-A D-PRE Mic Preamp - Yamaha’s highly acclaimed D-PRE preamp delivers a truly transparent and beautifully detailed sound that is unrivaled in this product class.
  • Rugged Metal Casing - Built to the most exacting standards by Yamaha’s experienced engineers, the UR12’s metal chassis is rugged enough to withstand all the rigors of the road.
  • Major Recording Software Compatible - The UR12 is compatible with all major audio editing, mastering, and music production software supporting ASIO, Core Audio or WDM standard.
  • iOS Connectivity - UR12 offers connectivity with Apple’s iPad and iPhone. When paired with Steinberg’s iPad-based Cubasis music app or other iOS audio apps, the UR12 offers a portable and intuitive production experience.
  • Latency-Free Hardware Monitoring - The UR12 features latency-free hardware monitoring with an easy-to-use monitor source switch that allows you to choose between the direct signal and the output of your host application.
  • Power Source Selector - On the UR12 a 5 V DC port is provided to supply sufficient power when using it with an iPad or iPhone. A standard USB power adaptor or an external USB battery can be connected to guarantee power stability.
  • Loopback Function - UR12 offers an easy way to streaming performances live to the internet, with incoming audio signals merged to the playback signal from Cubase or other DAWs inside the computer.
  • Cubase AI Included - Based on the same core technologies as the popular Cubase DAW, Cubase AI offers an intuitive feature set for composing, recording, editing and mixing.
  • Cubasis LE Included - Cubasis LE is a streamlined version of Steinberg’s popular iOS music production app, offering professional music production on your iPad.

Steinberg UR12 USB Audio Interface Specifications

  • Mic Input (Balanced):
    • Maximum Input Level: +0 dBu
    • Input Impedance: 4 k ohm
    • Gain Range: +10 dB to +54 dB
  • Hi-Z Input (Unbalanced):
    • Maximum Input Level: +8.5 dBV
    • Input Impedance: 1 Mega Ohm
    • Gain Range: +/- 0 dB to +40 dB
  • Main Output (Unbalanced):
    • Maximum Output Level: +6 dBV
    • Output Impedance: 600 Ohm
  • Phones 1/2:
    • Maximum Output Level: 6 mW+6 mW, 40 Ohm
  • USB:
    • Type: USB2.0, 24 bit, 44.1 hHz/48 kHz/88.2 kHz/96 kHz/176.4 kHz/192 kHz
  • XLR Input:
    • Polarity: Pin 1; Ground, Pin 2; Hot (+), Pin 3; Cold (-)
  • General Specs:
    • Power Requirements: 2.5 W
    • Dimensions: 159 (W) x 46 (H) x 144 (D) mm
    • Net Weight: 850 g
  • Minimum System Requirements:
    • Mac OS X:
      • Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13
      • Intel Dual Core CPU
      • 2 GB RAM
      • 4 GB of Free HD space
      • Display Resolution of 1280 x 800 Recommended
      • CD-ROM Drive
      • USB 2.0/3.0 Port
      • CC Mode Requires iOS 9 (or Higher) on iOS Device
      • Requires iOS 6 (or Higher) on iPad 2 (or Higher)
    • Windows:
      • Windows 7 SP1/8/8.1/10
      • Intel or AMD Dual Core CPU
      • 2 GB RAM
      • 4 GB of Free HD Space
      • Display Resolution of 1280 x 800 Recommended
      • CD-ROM Drive
      • USB 2.0/3.0 Port
    • Internet connection required for installation, activation, account setup and personal / product registration. To complete the Cubase AI installation, a download of approximately 500 MB is required.

Steinberg UR12 USB Audio Interface Includes

  • Steinberg UR12 USB Audio Interface
  • Tools for UR12 CD-ROM
  • Getting Started Brochure
  • Cubase Al Download Information (PDF)
  • USB Cable

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  • 5
    Great Performance vs. Price

    This unit sound really really good. Definitely an improvement over other interfaces I've tried in the same price range (echo, m-audio, Apogee Duet). Drivers are now totally solid. Just remember to use it with a TI firewire card if your mobo doesn't have one to ensure best performance. Mic pres are the best onboard pres I've use under $1000. Definitely recommend.

  • 4
    happy with it

    it's good. the conversion is a huge step up from something like maudio mobilepre. the preamps are good. but the lack of a preamp bypass function is the biggest letdown of this unit. i can get a more musical signal with a grace 101 or a golden age pre73. but having to use the inserts on channel 1 and 2 is kind of bummer. and if i'm recording more than two tracks and i want to use a different preamp i'll pad the channel and turn it all the way down but it's still going through a gain stage, and essentially (albeit not much) its altering the signal. all that being said, i have no need for a cleaner more hifi sound than this unit can provide.

  • 5
    Incredible Value!

    I've owned a lot of interfaces over the years (Apogee Trak2, M-Audio Delta 1010, Mackie Onyx Satellite, EMU 1212M, to name a few) and this blows them all out of the water, including the Apogee. The sound of the preamps is incredible and is on the level of my much more expensive outboard preamps. You will not find better converters in this price range, especially the DA. The lack of a dedicated MIDI input is a bummer, but other than that, the amount of features and value Steinberg/Yamaha have packed into this box is simply amazing. I highly recommended this unit to anybody!

  • 5
    this things rocks

    i'm amazed at how great this thing sounds. ive owned apogee, RME, and prism...this things hangs on the conversion tip and has great preamps too. the rev-x dsp option is the icing on the cake. i also love the two headphone jacks on the front of the unit. i guess the only drawback is that you can only bypass the preamps completely on two channels, but the fact that the preamps are really good makes up for it IMO.