SPL Gold Mike MKII Preamp

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SPL Gold Mike MKII
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SPL Gold Mike MKII Preamp

The SPL Gold Mike MKII Preamp combines Class-A transistor with a tube preamplifier, allowing you do dial in the tone, character, and saturation that you want - crafting the perfect sound.

The SPL Gold Mike MKII Preamp's transistor stage is composed of single transistors in a Class A design. The circuitry is fully discrete, and each transistor is completely optimized for its specific task. You will not find any IC’s in this preamplifier stage because they cannot be optimized for this specific application to the degree we at SPL aim for. The SPL Gold Mike MK II Dual Channel Preamp sports the selection of three different tube pre-amplifications: +6 dB remains the standard complemented by +12 dB and +18 dB. This allows creative variety with the tube saturation and limiting effects.

The Flair circuitry makes use of the specific harmonical behaviour of coils. This broadband filter adds a touch of presence that help almost any vocal to better stand-out in the mix. The pre-output stage Peak and/or FET mode limiters can be used to protect an AD converter from clipping, or for example to add punch to drum tracks, which in turn reduces or in many cases even eliminates the need for subsequent compression.

SPL Gold Mike MKII Preamp Features

  • Discrete Class-A single transistor & tube preamps
  • Tube drive in three different intensity levels
  • Flair presence enhancement in two switchable settings
  • Pre-output limiter stage (extremely fast diode-based operation, perfect for A/D converter protection)
  • Polarity Reversal
  • 48-volt phantom power
  • VU metering with three different, switchable display ranges
  • Front panel instrument input, separate rear-side microphone and line inputs
  • Custom-made, fully discrete, Class A op-amps
  • VU meters with two switchable calibrations
  • All switch functions are handled by encapsulated relays with gold-plated contacts.

SPL Gold Mike MKII Preamp Specifications

  • Frequency response: 10Hz bis 90kHz (-3dB)
  • Input impedance
    • Microphone, XLR: 2.8kOhm
    • Line In, TRS: 10kOhm
    • Instr. In TRS: 1mOhm
    • Output impedance (XLR and TRS): 50Ohm
  • THD+N
    • Input level -30dBu, Gain 30dBu: 0.016 %
    • Input level -40dBu, Gain 40dBu: 0.017 %
    • Input level -50dBu, Gain 50dBu: 0.022 %
    • Input level -60dBu, Gain 60dBu: 0.048 %
  • Noise (A-weighted, R=40Ohm)
    • Gain 30dB: -91.2dBu
    • Gain 40dB: -86.6dBu
    • Gain 50dB: -78.7dBu
    • Gain 60dB: -69.3dBu
  • Dynamic range (Gain 30dB): 110dB
  • E.I.N.: 128dBu
  • Max. input level
    • Microphone, XLR: +7dBu
    • Microphone, XLR +PAD: +28dBu
    • Line In, TRS: +23dBu
    • Instr. In TRS: +7dBu
    • Instr. In TRS +PAD: +14dBu
  • Max. output level:
    • Balanced, XLR+ TRS +26.8dBu
    • Unbalanced, XLR+ TRS +21.5dBu

SPL Gold Mike MKII Preamp Includes

  • Gold Mike MK II Dual Channel Preamp
  • Power Cable
  • Manual
  • Two Year Warranty

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