SPL Frontliner Channel Strip

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SPL Frontliner
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SPL Frontliner Channel Strip

The SPL Frontliner Channel Strip features all tools you need to record vocals and instruments perfectly: it merges a preamp, a de-esser, an EQ, a compressor and tube saturation. Each component of this channel strip can be used individually in tracking or mixing applications.

The SPL Frontliner Channel Strip features three separate, individually optimized inputs for microphones, line signals and instruments:

1) The microphone input features 48V phantom power, phase reverse function and a subsonic filter.
2) The low-impedance Line input has a precise balancing stage for connecting studio equipment.
3) The low-noise, high-impedance instrument input is easily accessible on the front panel.

Thanks to it's individual analog I/Os, all these powerful, hi-end analog processors can be use not only while recording but also during mixing. The SPL Frontliner Channel Strip is therefore not reduced to a front-end device. Especially DAW based studios can integrate high-grade analog processing at any stage of the audio production process. Each Frontliner module has its own balanced inputs and outputs. Sophisticated switching options allow to integrate Frontliner’s modules into a studio environment as if they were stand-alone devices. You can also group modules in any combination and you can determine inserts at each module’s input. If you imagine the Frontliner modules as analog plugins, the additional value suddenly becomes apparent: this channel strip also is a versatile analog processing station. With one single unit, especially DAW based studios benefit from a first-class recording front-end and have access to high end analog processors.

SPL Frontliner Channel Strip Specifications

  • Maximum input level
    • Microphone input @ 13dB gain: +9dBu
    • Line input: +22dBu
    • Instrument input: +11,5dBu
    • De-Esser input: +21dBu
    • Compressor input: +21dBu
    • EQ-/Tube Saturation input: +21dBu
  • Maximum output level: 21.5dBu
  • Gain control ranges
    • Microphone input: +13dB to +68dB
    • Line input: -20dB to +10dB
    • Instrument input: +6dB to +43dB
  • Frequency range (-3dB)
    • Channel strip: 10Hz to 50kHz
    • Microphone preamplifier: ‹10Hz to 50kHz
    • Line preamplifier: ‹10Hz to 50kHz
    • Instrument preamplifier: ‹10Hz to 50kHz
    • De-Esser: ‹10Hz to 140kHz
    • Compressor: ‹10Hz to 180kHz
    • Equalizer/Tube Saturation: ‹10Hz to 60kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion
    • (in %, @ 1kHz, 0dBu input level and unity gain)
    • Channel strip: 0.03
    • Microphone preamplifier: 0.03
    • Line preamplifier: 0.03
    • Instrument preamplifier: 0.03
    • De-Esser: 0.002
    • Compressor: 0.007
    • Equalizer/Tube Saturation Line: 0.01
  • Signal to noise ratio (A-weighted)
    • Microphone preamplifier (VU=30dB): -91.5dB
    • Line preamplifier: -94.7dB
    • Instrument preamplifier: -95.5dB
    • De-Esser: -97dB
    • Compressor: -97dB
    • Equalizer/Tube Saturation Line: -91dB
  • Dynamic range (unweighted)
    • Channel strip: 110dB (microphone input › main outputs, @ 30dB)
    • Channel strip: 112dB (line input › main outputs)
    • Channel strip: 112dB (instrument input › main outputs)
    • Microphone preamplifier (@ 30dB): 110dB
    • Line preamplifier: 114dB
    • Instrument preamplifier: 105dB
    • De-Esser: 115dB
    • Compressor: 115dB
    • Equalizer/Tube Saturation Line: 112dB
  • Power supply
    • Two toroidal transformers
    • Audio transformer: 20VA
    • Transformer other currents: 15VA
    • Fuses: 230V AC, 50Hz: 315mA/115V AC, 60Hz: 630mA
    • Voltage selector: 115V/230V
    • Power consumption: 29W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 88 x 261mm (Depth with controls and sockets)
  • Weight: 5,7kg/12,57 lbs (w/o converter & I/O transformers)

SPL Frontliner Channel Strip Includes

  • Frontliner Channel Strip
  • Power Cable
  • Manual
  • Two YEar Warranty

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