Spectra 1964 Model C610 Complimiter (Stereo Pair)

Spectra 1964

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The Spectra 1964 Model C610 Complimiter is the based on the original 1969 version of the Model 610 Complimiter. From the custom anodized aluminum knobs and black trimmed vu meter, to the internal discrete circuits, the Model C610 represents what made Spectra an industry standard. This stereo pair is setup and ready for your stereo projects!

The Spectra 1964 Model C610 utilizes the same operation format as the original with the addition of a third switchable meter setting, as well as 80/240 50/60hz VAC operation. The hand-built modules are made and tested in the same manner as the original 1969 version. The quality of materials used in the processes of building the Model C610 remain the same as before. This build quality of all Spectra 1964 products is an important hallmark, which results in the long-term value of this unique technology.

50 years after its release, the Model C610 has specifications that go unrivaled in today’s industry, proving Spectra founder William G. Dilley was decades ahead of his time. And now, a new generation of engineers is discovering the Spectra sound for themselves. The newest version of the C610 features a three position input pad, that is selectable from "Off", to -15dB, and the new setting of -50dB. The new -50dB setting is integrated to allow for connection to modern high output DA converters (that run hotter than the original C610 design could handle). This new pad setting also allows the C610 to function almost identically to the V610 (minus the microphone input).

Spectra 1964 Model C610 Complimiter Features

  • Rebirth of an American legend!
  • Compression and limiting can be used separately or simultaneously
  • Fastest, quietest and most versatile module of its time
  • Spectra Sonics 101 preamp on output for up to 40dB of make up gain
  • Three modes available
  • Slope control to assign the amount of gain reduction
  • Release ranging from very fast up to 10seconds

Spectra 1964 Model C610 Complimiter Includes

  • 2x Spectra 1964 Model C610 Complimiter
  • 2x IEC Power Cable
  • 2x Manufacturer Warranty

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