Slate Pro Audio Fox Dual Preamp

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Slate Pro Audio Fox
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Slate Pro Audio Fox Dual Preamp

The Slate Pro Audio Fox Dual Microphone Preamplifier features two channels, each with two separate preamp circuits. With the Vintage, Modern, and Combo options, each channel gives you 4 different preamp flavors!

Slate Pro Audio Fox Dual Preamp Details

The new Slate Pro Audio FOX Dual Microphone Preamplifier gives you the sound of 4 different mic preamps in each channel. From classic 1073 inspired vintage to ultra modern and clean, the FOX is a preamp designed with more versatility than any other preamp on the marker. And its soundâ?¦speaks for itself.

The FOX has two independent mic preamp circuits in each channel. The first circuit is called â??Vintage,â? and itâ??s based on the classic 1073 with its famously warm, fat, and lush tone. The second circuit called â??Modern,â? uses a hifi, state of the art, ultra clean signal path to ensure that the source is captures with the most precise detail. The, Slate Pro Audio engineers went further, and made the unique â??Comboâ? modes. When using the Combo mode, the input of the mic preamp will come from one of the mic pre circuits, and the output will exit the other mic pre circuit. So Vintage/Combo mode will have the input in the Vintage circuit, and the output in the Modern circuit. Modern/Combo mode will have the input in the Modern circuit, and the output in the Vintage circuit. In total, the user can get 4 independent mic preamp shades from each channel of the FOX.

The FOX also includes instrument inputs on each channel, range controls for gain, phase reverse, phantom power, and also has a beautifully designed faceplate by artist Davey Suicide. With its elegant looks, amazing features, and full range of sounds, the FOX is the ultimate mic preamp for any pro recording studio rack!

Slate Pro Audio Fox Dual Preamp Features

  • 4 independent mic pre sounds in each channel
  • Classic 1073 inspired vintage mode
  • Ultra clean and precise modern mode
  • Combo modes for unique new sonic textures
  • Instrument input, phase, phantom power
  • Made 100% in USA, by Studio Electronics

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