Samson SRK16 16-Space Universal Rack Stand


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The Samson SRK16 16-Space Universal Rack Stand is a durable, space-saving, and reliable 16-space rack enclosure. It features rugged steel construction. With its sleek black brushed, anodized finish, the Samson SRK16 not only delivers exceptional functionality but also adds a professional aesthetic to any studio, installation, or mobile setup.

The Samson SRK16 offers secure mounting for your audio equipment, making it an ideal choice for professional studios, live sound setups, and installations. Its open-back design allows for easy access to cables and connections, ensuring efficient organization and management of your gear. The Samson SRK16 16-Space Universal Rack Stand is a versatile and robust addition to the SRK 19" Universal Equipment Rack series. Designed to accommodate rack-mounted equipment, the Samson SRK16 provides an impressive 16 rack spaces, offering ample room for your audio and video gear. Experience reliable equipment organization and management with the Samson SRK16, an ideal solution for professional audio and video applications.

Constructed with heavy-duty steel and featuring fully enclosed side panels, the Samson SRK16 ensures durability and enhanced protection for your valuable equipment. The front and rear rack rails allow for easy installation, adjustment, and customization of your gear setup. With a sturdy and reliable design, this rack is built to withstand the rigors of professional use. The side panels of the Samson SRK16 are perforated, allowing for passive ventilation. This design feature promotes efficient airflow and helps dissipate heat generated by your equipment, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Equipped with four 3" casters, including lockable fronts, the Samson SRK16 offers convenient mobility, allowing you to effortlessly move and position your rack as needed. With a weight capacity of up to 300lb (450lb without casters), this rack can easily accommodate your equipment with ease.

Included with each rack is a blank, single-space panel, providing the option to fill any empty spaces and maintain a clean and organized appearance. Additionally, the unique steel support bar design of the Samson SRK16 allows for compatibility with both U.S. and European thread sizes, and the necessary screws are included for your convenience.

Samson SRK16 16-Space Universal Rack Stand Applications

  • Studio
  • Stage
  • Fitness
  • Audio for Video
  • Education
  • Theater / Production
  • Content Creation
  • Restaurant / Retail

Samson SRK16 16-Space Universal Rack Stand Features

  • 19" Universal equipment rack
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with fully enclosed sides
  • Front and rear rack rails
  • Compatible with U.S. and European screw thread sizes
  • U.S. and European rack screws included
  • Blank, single-space blank panel
  • 3” (75mm) locking casters for easy transport and fixed installation
  • 300lb (with casters), 450lb (without casters) of weight capacity
  • Side perforations for passive ventilation
  • Black brushed, anodized finish

Samson SRK16 16-Space Universal Rack Stand Specifications

  • Rack Spaces: 16
  • Construction: Heavy-Duty Steel
  • Side Panels: Fully Enclosed, Perforated for Passive Ventilation
  • Rack Rails: Front and Rear for Easy Installation and Adjustment
  • Casters: Four 3" (75mm) Casters with Lockable Fronts
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 300 lb (with Casters), 450 lb (without Casters)
  • Compatibility: U.S. and European Thread Sizes
  • Finish: Black Brushed, Anodized
  • Dimensions:
    • Depth: 18”
    • Height: (without Casters) 30.75”, (with Casters) 34.75"
    • Width: 20”

Samson SRK16 16-Space Universal Rack Stand Includes

  • 1x Samson SRK16 16-Space Universal Rack Stand
    • 1x Top Plate
    • 2x Side Plates
    • 2x Front Pillars
    • 2x Back Pillars
    • 1x Base Plate
    • 4x Casters
    • 36x Cross Screws
    • 1x Back Plate
  • 2 Year Warranty

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