Rupert Neve Shelford 5-Way Power Supply

Rupert Neve

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The Rupert Neve Shelford 5-Way Power Supply is specifically designed for use with the the Rupert Neve Shelford 5052 and Rupert Neve Shelford 5051.

The Rupert Neve Shelford modules are fed with +/- 24V on 4-pin connectors and the Rupert Neve Shelford Series 5-Way +/- 24V Power Supply can withstand a maximum of 2.5 Amp total load.

Rupert Neve Shelford 5-Way Power Supply Features

  • Used to power up Shelford Series modules; 5052 and 5051
  • Output of +/- 24V can be taken in 5-way
  • Built to withstand a maximum load of 2.5Amp

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