RME DTOX 16O Breakout Box


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The RME DTOX 16O Breakout Box provides 16 XLR outputs for connecting to all interfaces that utilize analog db-25 (Tascam Format) inputs. This allows you to easily expand your set up, with the reliable quality of RME.

The RME DTOX 16O Breakout Box is the perfect rack solution for interconnecting multichannel XLRs with the common D-sub connector format. The RME DTOX-16 O connects 16 XLR outputs to two D-sub 25-pin connectors (channels 1-8 and channels 9-16). The breakout panel supports all interfaces using an analog 25-pin D-sub output as well as the following RME interfaces: RME M-32 AD, RME M-16 AD.

Three different versions are available: RME DTOX-16 I, RME DTOX-16 O and DTOX-16 I/O. THE RME DTOX-16 connects up to 16 XLR inputs or outputs (XLR Neutrik connectors) with two D-sub 25-pin connectors.

RME DTOX 16O Breakout Box Features

  • 16 XLR Outputs
  • D-sub 25-pin connectors (channels 1-8 and channels 9-16)
  • Supports all interfaces using analog 25-pin D-sub inputs
  • Supports RME interfaces: M-32 AD, M-16 AD
  • D-sub 25 Connectors (TASCAM format)

RME DTOX 16O Breakout Box Specifications

  • Manufacturer: RME
  • Product: DTOX 16O Breakout Box
  • Output Channels: 16 XLR
  • Connectors: D-sub 25-pin connectors
  • Supports: M-32 AD, M-16 AD

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