RapcoHorizon 14-Gauge 1/4 to 1/4 Speaker Cable (25 Foot)


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Custom Built Cable

Due to the various lengths, connectors and options this cable is built to order. Give us a few days to get it heading your way. Go ahead and place your order and we will let you know as soon as it ships. If you have a deadline then please contact us before placing the order so we can meet your expectations.

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RapcoHorizon 14-Gauge 1/4 to 1/4 Speaker Cable (25 Foot)

RapcoHorizon 14-Gauge Speaker Cable Details

The RapcoHorizon H speaker cable is RapcoHorizonâ??s most popular speaker cable series. The H series uses bare copper stranded, twisted pair conductors â?" each individually jacketed with an overall round jacket added for durability. This commercial grade speaker cable is flexible and will stand the test of time.

RapcoHorizon 14-Gauge Speaker Cable Features

  • Heavy duty durable PVC jacket
  • Twisted pair construction for noise rejection
  • Pure copper strands for excellent sound reproduction
  • Hand soldered, high quality metal 1/4 inch connectors
  • Individually tested for performance and quality

RapcoHorizon 14-Gauge Speaker Cable Specifications

  • Cable: 14GA.K
  • Conductor Gauge: (2)14 gauge
  • Insulation: PVC
  • Jacket: Matte PVC
  • Voltage Rating: Volt max DC or AC
  • Temp Rating: degrees C wet/dry
  • O.D.: 0.330"

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