Peluso MT57/CMV563 Shock Mount


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The Peluso MT57/CMV563 Shock Mount is designed by Peluso to fit the Neumann U57 & CMV 563 Microphones.

This mount also fits other mikes from 41mm to 43.5mm in diameter. The Peluso MT57/CMV563 snuggly grasps the microphone by two bands which differ from the original mounts by not having the unreliable "pull buckle", but rather featuring thumb-screws. No more expensive catastrophes from vintage mics slipping out of the mount!

Peluso MT57/CMV563 Shock Mount Features

  • Fits your Neumann UM57 or CMV 563 microphone perfectly
  • Handsome
  • Secure
  • A Good Catch!

What We Think - Peluso MT57/CMV563 Shock Mount Review

Peluso Shock Mounts are the best upgrade you can make to ensure the secure mounting of your vintage microphones. Why? Well, I'll tell ya... When you either work in a studio with an extensive vintage tube microphone collection - or you're lucky enough to own one - chances are that you've encountered the 'belt' fashion mount that tightens and 'secures' (which I say jokingly) with a tension clasp which doesn't ever completely lock. The result? Well, if you see U 67, M 269, UM 57 or CMV 563 microphones with damaged head-baskets, there's your sign. The band quickly expands and the $10,000+ mic goes straight into the floor.

With these Peluso mounts, tragedy no more! Secure screws can be thumb-tightened and you can really get them tight with another twist via some pliers. Since they go on tightly and many/most vintage mics don't have the elaborate cases that new mics come with, we recommend outfitting your studio with On-Stage Stands QK2 Quick-Release Mic Adapters so you can keep your mic in the mount and quickly attach and detatch it to and from various mic stands in your studio.

Front End Audio has supplied these Peluso shock mounts to some of the most revered vintage microphone collectors and the reviews have always been extremely positive!

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