Pearlman TM-LE Tube Microphone

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Pearlman TM-LE Tube Microphone

The Pearlman TM-LE Tube Microphone is a limited edition handcrafted microphone that has been described by Professional Recording Engineers as sounding like the combination of a U47 and a U67.

The Pearlman TM-LE features point-to-point wiring, a hand selected military spec 6AK5 (5654 or European equivalent EF95), Mogami cable with Neutrik connectors, power supply compatible with all world voltages and best of all; a rare, refurbished K67 capsule. These capsules cannot be ordered in quantity and can only be obtained as they appear on the market. For this reason the microphone truly is a Limited Edition, as only a very small number can be built.

The Pearlman TM-LE features a polar pattern switch to change from Omni to Cardioid for that big, warm vocal sound. Another feature is a switch that connects the low-pass filter, for a more ‘ribbon’ type sound that can be useful on overheads, room or recording a horn.

Pearlman TM-LE Tube Microphone Includes

  • TM-LE Tube Microphone
  • Power Supply
  • Microphone Cable
  • Shock Mount
  • Aluminum Case

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