Pearlman Church Tube Microphone


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The Pearlman Church Tube Microphone is a faithful remake of the Stanley Church MGM microphone from the 1950’s.

Pearlman has stayed true to the original schematics of the MGM including the use of vintage andrefurbished K47 and M7 capsules, a hand selected 6072 dual triode (12AY7) and the original Triad transformer that is being made again especially for Pearlman after fifty years of it not being available. The Pearlman Church mic is built in the same housing as the Pearlman TM-1 and comes with all the goodies. This is truly a limited edition mic as only a limited number can be built. You will not believe your ears!

Pearlman Church Tube Microphone Includes

  • Church Tube Microphone
  • Power Supply
  • Microphone Cable
  • Shock Mount
  • Aluminum Case

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  • 5
    An amazing microphone
    Greg Smith

    I use this microphone and the Pealman TM-2 on pretty much every vocal I do. The Pearlman Church has a lot of body but has the perfect amount of high frequency content so it doesn't sound dull. It's smooth and makes you sound better. It takes eq very well.

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