Oktava Omni Capsules (Silver)

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Oktava Omni Capsules
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Oktava Omni Capsules

The Oktava Omni Capsules are a set of matched Omni Capsules designed to be used with the Oktava MK-012 microphones.

The Oktava Omni Capsules offer a Omnidirectional polar pattern which will pick up sound equally from all directions.

Oktava Omni Capsules Features

  • Designed for Oktava MK-012 Microphones
  • Genuine Russian Made
  • Black and Silver Color Options

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    Oktava MK012 Omni Capsules (Matched Pair)

    Posted by Tom (Tmix) Menikos on Feb 8th 2020

    I have only recently purchased these and while I can't comment from a long term prospective, I would like to comment on what I currently know.

    These came Quickly from Front End well packaged with all the frequency graphs and Official papers... which is a bit inspiring in today's culture of Knockoffs and bait and switch.

    I had a pair of Oktava MK012 with Cardioid caps I like on many sources but I had recently been recording my Upright Bass a lot and wanted something I could get really close without Proximity effect or over focus of direct sound. These did really well.

    I enjoy how Omni's allow great signal level by close proximity, but allow some natural space and a slightly diffuse sound to take the abrupt high frequency edge off the sound. I have experimented with Acoustic guitars and the Omni caps allow the full capture of the body and tone of the instrument, but slightly subdues the plectrum (pick) sound so that it is not so overwhelming as when typically close miked.

    My MK012s were not factory matched but rather manually ear matched by s friend I bought them from. Buying the Matched Pair of omni caps made them spot on matched as a factory set would be... I am impressed.

    I will add more as I use them in upcoming sessions.

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    Oktava omni capsules

    Posted by Dan on Jan 28th 2013

    Let me start by saying, I'm not a pro. i have a home studio. 24x10 tracking/mixing room with acoustic treatment. "Live room" A first floor with an open floor plan and a vaulted celling on one half. These capsules sound nice. I've only had them a short time so they haven't gotten a full work out. I've use one of them as a single room mic to record a Leslie speaker cab. That worked really well. Stereo on acoustic guitar was nice. I tried them as stereo overheads on drums in both rooms. I thought they were ok. placement was probably the issue. All in all, I'm very pleased with them.