Oktava MK-012-01 Film Edition Microphone (Black)


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The Oktava MK-012-01 Film Edition Microphone features a hypercardioid capsule and low cut filter making it ideal for film and broadcast. Hand made in Tula Russia, this studio workhorse was designed with solid electronics and modular parts, giving you the ability to configure the MK-012-01 to your unique recording application. This stealthy black version fades into the background on stage, on camera and in the studio.

The Oktava MK-012-01 Film Edition Microphone is a compact, high quality, small diaphragm microphone featuring a hypercardioid capsule with low cut filter. This combination make this microphone deal for use in film, broadcast, sound for picture, installation, sound reinforcement and theater situations... and of course the recording studio. Designed to be modular, you can easily swap out the capsule and filter, making this mic a versatile powerhouse wherever your recording needs may be. Optional Omni and Cardioid capsules are available separately if you choose to expand you microphone system.  Whatever you configuration may be, Front End Audio is here to help you build your Oktava microphone system.

Front End Audio is the exclusive Oktava distributor for the USA and we only sell genuine Russian made microphones. As of August 2021, Oktava has introduced updated packaging for all Oktava MK-012 microphones. The new packaging features a high-end color printed flip box with magnetic closure and a rigid foam insert. This new packaging is designed to bring cohesiveness to the brand and provide the most protection for Oktava microphones during transportation and storage. 

Oktava MK-012-01 HyperCardioid Microphone Features

  • Genuine Russian Made
  • Interchangeable capsules (Optional Cardioid & Omni are available)
  • Compact design for easy positioning to sound source
  • Old School simplistic design - for reliability
  • Also available in Silver

Oktava MK-012-01 Film Edition Microphone Specifications

  • Mic type: Small diaphragm condenser
  • Polar Pattern: HyperCardioid
  • Freq. Response: 20-20000Hz
  • Phantom voltage required: 48 2V
  • Full impedance, module: less than 300 ohms
  • Weighted SPL (ref. DIN 45412): 18 dBA
  • Maximum SPL in 250-8000Hz range, (less than 0.5% THD): 130 db
  • Free field sensitivity at 1KHz: 10 mV/Pa
  • Free field sensitivity roll off from 40Hz to 20KHz should not exceed: 3 db
  • Weight: 70 gr
  • Length: 128mm
  • Max diameter/width: 23mm

Oktava MK-012-01 Film Edition Microphone Includes

  • Oktava MK-012 Preamp Body
  • HyperCardioid Capsule
  • Low Cut Filter
  • Mic Clip
  • 1 Year Warranty

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    Surprisingly nice piece of gear

    A couple friends recommended the Okatava. One uses this small condenser with a cardioid capsule in a stereo pair to capture live instruments (mostly acoustic guitar). The other friend is a videographer and uses the Oktava on a boom during interviews and talking head shots. I was on the hunt for a boom mic - I had rented a well-regarded shotgun mic for a video shoot and I was not impressed. (I have since learned that shotgun mics may not be the best choice for indoors.) So my videographer buddy strongly recommended this Oktava with a hypercardioid capsule. Site unseen (and unheard) I took and chance on this mic and I am very glad I did. Audio quality is really nice - very low noise with minimal EQ in post to get a nice sound. I recently did another video shoot and between the very natural sound of the mic and the clean capture on a Zoom F6 (a 32bit float recorder), I'm really happy with this purchase. Front End Audio was also very accommodating when I decided to swap my silver mic for the black. Overall, very happy with this small, simple and relatively inexpensive mic.

What We Think


The Oktava MK-012-01 Film Edition is the same microphone body paired with their hyper-cardioid capsule. The Hyper-Cardioid capsules have a tighter more laser focused pick-up giving a slight increase in upper mid frequencies. This makes them perfect for applications in noisy environments – which is why the hyper-cardioid capsules are so often used for dialogue in ENG and film. The hyper-cardioid capsule really lets you hone in on the sound source, while rejecting surrounding noise. However, instead of the -10dB pad (which is not needed in film applications), it comes with a High-Pass filter, which screws in between the mic body and capsule. The High-Pass filter provides a roll off of low frequencies, starting at 85Hz. This is perfect for reducing rumble that can ruin a dialogue take, or sound effect in a scene. Coupled with the laser focus of the hyper-cardioid capsule, this make is great for sound stage, or location recording of film, broadcast, and ENG. - Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales Manager

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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